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Walter T. BrownWalter T. Brown, Jr (1937-) developed the Hydroplate Theory of the Global Flood. That theory is still the most comprehensive model that any scientist has yet devised, to explain the Global Flood and its lingering consequences. He does not claim to be a Biblical apologist, but he is a devout and conscientious Christian. His life is a testament to Divine mercy and un-sought blessing.

Life and career

Young Walt was born in Kansas City, MO, and grew up in Toledo, OH. He is the eldest of three children. His father sold greeting cards and later sold houses. When he was fourteen years old, Brown developed a congenital heart valve abnormality. The cardiologist gave him about twenty years to live and severely restricted his physical activity. To compensate, Brown developed other skills, including chess and public speaking. Then, when he was seventeen, the abnormality mysteriously resolved. Now free of physical restrictions, he discovered a talent for long-distance running. He developed that talent and then decided to pursue a military career. On July 5, 1955, he entered the United States Military Academy (West Point, NY). After graduating, he trained as a paratrooper and an Army Ranger. He married Peggy Hill, daughter of an officer in charge of Army Space Projects, in 1960. A few years later, he transferred to the Ordnance Corps and earned his master's degree in mechanical engineering at New Mexico State University. The Army then assigned him to the White Sands missile-test range, where he soon spotted a problem with the Army's Littlejohn missile and worked out a solution. That solution earned him an early promotion. Shortly afterward he asked for and received approval to apply for a National Science Fellowship grant for PhD studies. He earned the grant easily and then earned his PhD in engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then began a tour of duty in Vietnam as a Division Material Officer. His engineering training and problem-solving skills served him well, whether in learning how to keep rifles clean in the jungle to devising a new method for tunnel detection. After his Vietnam tour, he attended Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS, then served as Director of Benét Laboratories (Albany, NY), and then applied for a teaching position at the US Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, CO). The Air Force accepted his application, and in 1970 he moved to Colorado. That would prove a turning point in his life and career.

Compelling evidence for the Bible

Walt Brown had taken the Bible to heart for years. But he had concentrated on the New Testament, not the Old. He had never thought about whether the rich history of the Old Testament was real or not. And he definitely had never considered the most ancient history of man: Genesis chapters 1-11. But as he was driving across country from New York to Colorado, and came within sight of the Rocky Mountains, he happened to hear a radio interview with one of many archaeologists who have searched for the remains of Noah's Ark. What kind of disaster, he wondered, could strand a vessel as large as a football stadium on the top of a mountain as high as Turkey's Ararat? He soon discovered that that problem paled in comparison to the striking evidence that a great water disaster had occurred, and had laid down the fossils in a single year, not in billions of years. By 1972, Brown became convinced that the first eleven chapters in Genesis were an Accurate Historical Record, In 1980, after having transferred to the Air Force, taught at the Air Force Academy and the Air War College, and risen to the rank of colonel, he retired from military service. From then on he devoted himself full-time to understanding, elucidating, and educating people about creation and the Global Flood. Dr. Brown dates his first version of the Hydroplate Theory to 1972.He has narrated at least one mass-market dramatic presentation of his theory (in 1993, for CBS Television) and produced nine editions of his book In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood. He directs the Center for Scientific Creation in Phoenix, AZ, and has expanded his thinking to include the probable mechanism of the Flood, the likely physical events of Creation Week, and the lingering and predictable consequences of the greatest disaster that the earth has ever known. The above is adapted from Christian Men of Science: Eleven Men Who Changed the World, by George Mulfinger and Julia Mulfinger Orozco. Quoted in In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood by Walter T. Brown. Copyright 1982, 2011 by Walter T. Brown. Used by permission.


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