Terry A. Hurlbut - Panel Secretary

Terry A. HurlbutTerry A. Hurlbut, M.D., served as Secretary to the Creation Science Hall of Fame Peer Review Panel. Terry currently serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the Creation Science Hall of Fame. He has previously served as a clinical pathologist and laboratory administrator at Kimball Medical Center (Lakewood, NJ) and Virtua Memorial Hospital of Burlington County (Mount Holly, NJ). He presently serves as a deputy administrator on CreationWiki, a project of the Northwest Creation Resource Network, and of Conservapedia. He also write regularly on creation and biblical subjects as the National Creationism Examiner and now at Conservative News and Views.

Full disclosure

In May of 2013, Dr. Hurlbut collaborated with Walter T. Brown, originator of the Hydroplate Theory, to help fix a date for the Global Flood. Drs. Brown and Hurlbut used statistical extrapolation of the orbits of the two best-observed comets (Halley and Swift-Tuttle), and retro-calculation of the date from three different versions of genealogical lists, king lists, and event intervals from the Old Testament, using the Masoretic Text, the Septuagint, and the Samaritan Pentateuch. However, Terry was determined to evaluate the three competing theories with an open mind. Herewith his reviews of: