Russ Miller

Russ MillerAfter building a successful nationwide firm, Russ Miller gave it away to form Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries. Since then he has authored 5 books, illustrated 2 coloring books, developed CESM’s 14 PowerPoint messages, DVD Study series, website, Grand Canyon & Grand Staircase bus tours, and led several Grand Canyon river rafting adventures. Russ has shared his seminars nationwide, appeared on worldwide television 20 times and aired thousands of radio programs – always challenging people to believe God’s Word—Word for Word and cover to cover. A former Theistic Evolutionist with 174 college credits, Russ ministers to Christians and non-Christians alike.

I’m a General Manager. I make logical decisions based on the facts and when I saw that real science does not support Darwinism or old-earth beliefs, which are undermining the world’s faith in the Lord Jesus, I feel I was called to do something about it.

What Russ shares will increase anyone’s faith in the Word of God. Visit: www.CreationMinistries.Org RETURN TO LIST OF CONTRIBUTING WRITERS.

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