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Russ McGlennOften called Mr. Science by his students, Russ McGlenn is a theology major, Christian Ed & missions minor, game inventor, Creation Science teacher, explorer, dinosaur hunter, photographer, and national camp, school, and seminar speaker.  He specializes in hands on demonstrations of the truths of God’s Word.

Meet Mr. Science, Russ McGlenn of Adventure Safaris

Russ McGlenn at the Adventure Safaris dinosaur hunt.


Both students and parents report that Mr. McGlenn makes science come alive as he directs people’s eyes and hearts toward the Creator of the universe through his creative science programs.          His Native American heritage gives him a unique background in hunting for clues to dinosaurs living in North America. He has also uncovered evidence of various cultures living here doing God’s mission work in North America before Columbus.  He has searched Native American records and archeology sites to confirm these claims.As a student of theology, he blends God’s Word with science.  Mr. McGlenn’s motto is that “true science, in contrast to evolutionary philosophy, always supports the Bible.”  He maintains that psuedo science, built on philosophy not laboratory proven experiments, is poor science and is hurting the discovery of God’s beneficial laws for mankind. His outreach and exploration ministry is based on the Bible passage in Romans 1:20.  His wife, Tricia, is his business manager and assists in his teaching and exploration trips. He also travels across the states speaking on over 50 Creation Science topics. Mr. McGlenn is a dynamic teacher whose enthusiasm for his subject matter is infectious to those who attend his seminars.  You will be thrilled and spiritually uplifted after you attend one of his meetings.  People are asking Mr. McGlenn back to their meetings to teach more about the messages God would have us learn through His Creation.


Mystery of the Effigy Mounds, Evidence for humans and dinosaurs living together, 1996. The Adventure Safaris Creation Science Dinosaur Dig Workbook, Designed for learning how to excavate, mold, repair, and construct dinosaurs as well as skeletons of present day animals. 1997. Design Vs. Chaos, A New Model of the Atom Based on Classical Science and a Biblical World View, 2000.


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Russ McGlenn’s conversion:

Russ McGlenn Russ McGlenn grassland

How the Auca (Widoni) Indians Saved My Life.

I was 10 years old in Daily Vacation Bible School.  The teacher told how we had to be perfect to go to heaven (See Article about Mrs. Gardenier) Up until the 10th grade, I lived in a small town of 500 people in the mountains of Washington State. The church I grew up in was one block from my home and I attended SS and morning church as well as Youth Group every Sunday night.  Though I was not a “bad” or “rebellious” child while growing up, I knew I was not perfect enough to get into heaven.  One summer in VBS I raised my hand to stay after class to accept Jesus into my life. In my young mind I felt I would have to give up having a girl friend and being a cowboy.  I later learned that it was OK to have a girlfriend and get married.  Two things had happened that made me open to the teacher’s invitation. My concern about going to heaven came at the same time as the martyrdom of Nat Saint, Ted Elliot, and the other missionaries in the jungles of South America.  This was the first thing that had a big impact on my life.  Their commitment to Christ and then their deaths made me want to go as a missionary to South American Indians. My SS teacher, Mrs. Gardenier told me later that I believed then that God had called me to be a missionary. The second thing that affected me was a story in the Boy Scout Magazine.  It was a science fiction story of a space ship captain.  He was tired of wars and conflicts and was looking for peace.  He was at a planet where he was told there was a good Man in town who could give peace and joy.  He said that was silly and decided to leave.  His best friend decided to stay and follow the Man.  The Captain went on but never forgot how his friend seemed to have really found peace from the teachings of the Man. Now he hoped that he could find the Man once again and follow Him.  Every time he got to a new planet, the Man had left.  Sometimes he missed Him by a few minutes and he never found the Man again.  I felt I might miss Jesus if I did not accept Him when that invitation was given. I must say that my Dad was not a Christian, but my mom and grandparents were.  They had a big influence on me and I’m sure their prayers helped me to follow Jesus. My sixth grade teacher was also my SS teacher.  He and his wife were a daily godly influence in my life. We have remained friends to this day. When I was older, I wanted to be a scientist but felt because God had called me to be a missionary to South America I could not go into science.  Now I teach Creation Science as a home missionary and God has brought my scientific desire and united it with my desire to serve Him as a missionary.  I have learned that He gives us the desire of our heart.

Tricia’s conversion:

I grew up in a liberal church. While in Jr. High some Young Life workers started a Bible study at my school.  I became very involved through Jr. and Senior High School. I accepted Christ as my personal savior the summer before I started college. I grew in the Christian life during my college years through Intervarsity Christian fellowship. I knew God was calling me into mission work. I went into teaching as I planned to be a missionary overseas if the doors opened. Russ McGlenn and Tricia

The Inspiration for Adventure Safaris

In 1992 I traveled to a Christian camp outside Milwaukee Wisconsin to visit my daughter, Heather, who was working there as a councilor.  Tricia had taken Kevin and Ryan to visit her sister in California.  Because of work obligations, I had to stay back.  I had been teaching Indian studies at public schools and on the way to the camp, I was exploring for Indian Effigy mounds, fossils sites, and anything of geological interest. I stopped at the motel where the Gideon Bible League was started to read their history.  The founder had been at the motel on a business trip and had forgotten his Bible. He wanted to study and there were none at the motel.  He thought it would be a good thing to have a Bible in every motel room all over the nation. I continued on to an interesting cave that I’d seen on the map called Kickapoo Indian Caverns.  I took the tour.  As is often the case, the guide told stories about different rock formations that looked like Lincoln, or two people walking down a road.  When we got to the end in the biggest part of the cavern, she showed us a place where Indians had camped.  That was how it had gotten the name Kickapoo Indian Caverns. Then she pointed her flashlight toward the ceiling of the cave, seventy five feet above.  She asked us if we could see a bone.  I though this was another imaginative “rock story” but she said it was a real fossilized bone.  Next to it was a mold in the rock where another one had dropped out.  She reported how the University of Wisconsin had sent paleontologists to look at it.  They had determined that it was a mammoth leg bone. I thought about how we were 125 feet below the surface and asked her how a mammoth bone could get in the rock above us that was, by her own explanation, 600 million years old?  She said that the professors thought it had floated down from above by the river that used to flow through the cave.  Eventually it got stuck in the ceiling where we see it today.  The guide was a teenager of about sixteen and I knew she was retelling what the professors and cave owners had instructed so I didn’t argue with her. I knew that green bones do not float, and fossilized bones would sink like the rocks they are.  Even a dried out bone, if it could float, would have to work its way down through stalactites in the ceiling to end up lodged where it was now. As I looked at the ceiling, the thought came to mind “Russ, your looking at the bottom of Noah’s Flood.”  That is, the mammoth had died and been buried by the mud laid down by the Flood.  When this cave had formed, possibly by the receding Flood waters, the underground river had undermined the rock and left the bones hanging in the ceiling. I also thought, “It’s like I am standing in God’s basement looking at evidence for the Flood.”  I wondered how many other artifacts were buried in the earth, “God’s Basement,” that would be clues that tell the history of God’s actions in the world?  At Bible College, I had been very interested in Biblical Archeology and had taken many of those classes.  I thought it would be great fun to put on seminars about the scientific, archeological, and paleontological discoveries that support the Bible and help us understand it better. While at Bible College I had read The Genesis Flood, by Morris and Whitcomb. This was what I call one of my “Life changing books.” From it I had learned that true science always supports the Bible.  I combined that idea with “Exploring God’s Basement” and began my ministry with that. The trip to Milwaukee had been a great adventure.  I thought about a name for my organization.  Adventure Safaris seemed to reflect my desire to show people that life with God, and studying God’s word, was like going on an Adventure Safari. RETURN TO LIST OF LIVING INDUCTEES

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