Paul Abramson

Paul AbramsonPaul is the founder and editor of: which now has introductions to Creation Science in almost 60 languages, about 350 creation theory articles, and over two dozen complete books and direct links to over 140 other major creation theory web sites (along with a few main evolutionism sites). Paul used to believe in theistic evolution and that Genesis should not be taken literally.  After all "the scientists must be right" ... even if the "science, falsely so called" is not testable-repeatable like other (the real) sciences are. Steady research over the past several years has led Paul to the conclusion that (what is called) "young earth creation science" is the best theory supporting the evidence regarding our ancient origins. He has spoken to a number of secular and religious groups in various cities, taking a logic and science-based approach to defending the propositions of creation theory.  He usually tells folks to "ask your hardest questions" and to not hold back in their challenges. RETURN TO LIST OF LIVING INDUCTEES

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