Patrick Roy

Patrick RoyPatrick Roy was the Director of Broadcast and Radio for 12 years with Institute for Creation Research and was very instrumental in the program: Science Scripture and Salvation, by Dr. John Morris. Patrick Roy found himself behind the pulpit in churches presenting ICR and the need for Creation to be taught and heard and during this time, Pat and his wife, Sandy, would have parents asking for material for their children to learn and really did not have child oriented content. So in 2000, Pat and Sandy Began Jonathan Park Creation Radio Dramas: Writing, directing, and producing, Jonathan Park Creation Adventures for 15 years. (2015) Which requires a lot of scientific research and connections with scientists all over the world!Beginning to see the need for lessons geared to children about creation, Pat also began writing booklets to go along with their audio series with games and experiments. He also taught many presentations, hosted Creation oriented camps and cavern tours, thus beginning Creation Quest. And Creation Worldview Classes. During this process on the side, he also enjoys interviewing young people with the Evolution/Creation issue. Pat's experience in audio media has opened doors of blessing for others as he would travel far distances to help start or mentor other Christian Organizations launch Radio Ministries, and has written multiple Scripts and stories to further the Creation and Salvation message for many different ministries and Creation Organizations. Currently, Pat and Sandy Roy continue to further the Creation message through lessons, presentations, and interviews. They also hope to begin a new Creation Drama to further reach young people for Christ. Meanwhile, Pat works for Dr. Biddle with Genesis Apologetics working with highschool students and providing truth to reach those in the school system while continuing to have a big heart for homeschoolers with Creation Quest. Although radio and media is his expertise since 16 years old, Pat Roy's work with the scientists at ICR gave him Over 12 years of Creation Research inside the box with scientists like Dr. Gish, Dr. John Morris, Frank Sherwin, Dr. Ham, Dr. Hovind and multiple others. His zealous personality makes him an amazing speaker, researcher, and Creation Voice that has reached across the world for over 35 years!

Patrick Roy's achievements:

Director of Broadcast for 12 years with Institute for Creation Research instrumental in the program Science Scripture and Salvation by Dr. John Morris, he also was a spokesman in churches on ICRs behalf. Script Writer/Provider for Creation Content to many different ministries and Creation Organization Founder, Director, and Producer of Jonathan Park Creation Adventures (2000-2015) Hosted Creation Cavern tours and Creation Family Camps Began Creation Quest and providing Creation Worldview Classes online for young people. Presentation Speaker and Interviews young people about the Creation/Evolution Debate Now works for Genesis Apologetics reaching young people for Creation. Pat has also helped other Christian Organizations launch Radio Ministries to further the cause of Creation and the Gospel message. RETURN TO LIST OF LIVING INDUCTEES.

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