Pam Elder

Pam Elder - The Welder's WifePam Elder has a ministry in Montana call ‘Women’s Resources On Creation Science’ (W-ROCS!). She specializes in teaching Creation Science to other women, and also to the Messianic Jewish Community in the Missoula area, as well as presenting Creation Science Booths at local Fairs. Pam Elder recently translated Genesis chapters 1-11 in order to see what the Hebrew Text has to say about Creation Science. By the grace of God, in her research she discovered that the names in Genesis 10 are mostly describing geological events, including volcanic activity. Afterwards, because the names in Genesis 10 prove that Hebrew was the original language, she decided to see if the earliest names in the Irish & British Royal Genealogies listed in After The Flood (by Bill Cooper, Hons B.A.) were also Hebrew words. She figured out how they would be written in Hebrew and then looked them up to see if the names had any meaning. They do! The things they describe include volcanic activity, migrations, building a 4 sided walled city, a great tower rising up, a rebellion, and a terrifying tempest of some kind. [That research can be found in the ‘Brain Pickers’ section of her website and is still on-going… ] RETURN TO LIST OF CONTRIBUTING WRITERS.

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