Mike Snavely

Mike SnavelyMike Snavely was reared in rural South Africa, the son of missionary parents.  His father was a bush pilot for a remote hospital station among the Zulu people.  Throughout his life he has been fascinated with wildlife and had a wide variety of interesting experiences growing up in that region, including a vast array of "pets".  After graduating from Oak Hills Christian College in Minnesota in 1979, he returned to South Africa to work for the National Parks Service in the world-famous Kruger Park.  Following this, he began a career as an African wildlife artist.

In 1985 he married Carrie Baum who grew up near Hershey, Pa.   Carrie attended Lancaster Bible College and was an executive secretary for the Pa. Turnpike Commission before becoming a full-time mom.
In 1986 they returned to South Africa with TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) and served by teaching at Durban Bible College.  Since returning to the U.S. they have developed a ministry of teaching subjects related to creation, in seminar format, using nature and wildlife as a basis.  They founded this ministry in 1995 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, after several years of informal teaching on the subject.
Mike and Carrie have three children - Luke (1986), John (1989) and Laura (1991) - who are home-educated.
  1. The ministry was founded in 1996 as a 501(c)(3), not-for profit corporation, and exists to give God His rightful glory in creation.  As such, seminar programs deal with all the facets of the whole creation model, including the flood.  There are many programs that deal with nature issues, with more being added on a regular basis.
  2. The ministry is involved in presenting creation-oriented seminars in churches, camps, private groups, forums, schools, and anywhere they are invited to present the Gospel through the message of creation.
  3. The ministry is based in Jonestown, PA.  Speaking opportunities take place around the nation and abroad.


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