Johnson C. Philip (referee)

Johnson C. PhilipJohnson C. Philip, PhD., is a specialist in Quantum-nuclear physics, and has worked on Quark models of Hadrons in Quantum Chromo Dynamics. He is also the senior-most Christian Apologist and Creationist in India. He has earned doctoral degrees in physics, theology, alternative medicine, and biblical archeology, and has trained more than 25,000 people worldwide in apologetics and theology via distance education. He loves to write expository and pedagogical articles in areas of his interest.

It has been a privilege to serve as a referee to analyse several flood-theories so as to give my opinion about them. I became interested in these theories several decades ago when I read in rationalist literature that there isn’t sufficient water in skies above to bring a flood of the magnitude that is mentioned in the Bible.

Initially I read qualitative theories, but once I specialized in Physics I realized that only quantitative theories would do justice to the question – again because of the magnitude of the Universal Flood that one has to explain using these theories.

The following are my comments and observations about the theories presented to me for evaluation. I divide the problems I see into Major and Minor. The major problems, as the name implies, requires substantial work to establish/solve them. Minor problems do not affect the foundations of the theory proposed, but these need to revised/modified or rejected to make the theory more empirically and biblically sound.

Herewith his reviews of the three Global Flood theories: