Jason Lisle

Jason LisleJason Lisle is an astrophysicist with a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. Dr. Lisle did his undergraduate work at the Ohio Wesley University with a double major in physics and astronomy and a minor in mathematics. He has written several papers that have been published in both creation literature and secular magazines. He had grown up in a Christian home and he had trouble dealing with being taught about evolution in the government schools. While he was in graduate school he began to read creation materials he realized that if you looked at materials through different points of view then you would come up with two different things. He started to give lectures encouraging people to believe in the Bible and not in evolution. Dr. Jason Lisle continued to give lectures on why people should believe in the Bible today as a fulltime speaker and researcher for Answers in Genesis. In early 2012, Jason Lisle became the Director of Research for the Institute for Creation Research.

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