Henry Rawlinson

Sir Henry Rawlinson. Drawing: Henry Wyndham PhillipsMaj. Gen. Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, First Baronet (1810 -1895) was one of the greatest archeologists, as well as a devoted Christian and Bible student. Originally an English military man stationed in India, he is best known for his remarkable feat of exposing and deciphering the Behistun inscriptions of the Persian emperor Darius, written on the face of a great scarp in three ancient languages — Old Persian, Assyrian and Elamitic. This accomplishment opened the way to a real understanding of the ancient history of the Near and Middle East. Excerpted from Men of Science, Men of God by Henry M. Morris. Copyright 1982, 1988 by Henry M. Morris. Used by permission. RETURN TO LIST OF DECEASED INDUCTEES.

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