Gerald Bergman

Dr. BergmanDr. Gerald R. "Jerry" Bergman has taught for several decades at the college level. He has authored over 800 publications in a dozen languages, and 20 books and monographs. He is a contributor to dozens of textbooks, and a consultant for over 20 science text books, mostly biology and biochemistry. He also has served as a consultant for CBS News, ABC News, Readers Digest, Amnesty International, several government agencies and for two Nobel Prize winners, including the inventor of the transistor. Bergman now has nine academic degrees, including seven graduate degrees. Dr. Bergman is possibly the most prolific writer in the field of Creation Science today. For example (and this is not all by any means) he has over 90 articles in the CRSQ Journal and has had more than 80 published in the Journal of Creation. (By the time you read this, these numbers may have increased!) Some of the books he has authored or co-authored include

  • The Darwin Effect
  • The Dark Side of Charles Darwin
  • Persuaded by the Evidence
  • Teaching About the Creation/Evolution Controversy
  • Vestigial Organs Are Fully Functional: A History and Evaluation of the Vestigial Organ Origins Concept

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