George Young

George YoungGeorge Young (1777–1848), was a Church of Scotland clergyman, who wrote two works on geology:

  1. A Geological Survey of the Yorkshire Coast (1822), which was greatly revised in 1828,
  2. Scriptural Geology (1838), to which Appendix to Scriptural Geology was added in 1840.

He also published six articles on geology in the respected scientific journals of his day. His writings show he was well read in geological and scientific journals and books.

George Young, flood geologist

His detailed and comprehensive investigations of the geology of Yorkshire, where a great percentage of the so-called ‘geological column’ was exposed in the mines and on the sea-coast, were praised for their accuracy by the leading old-earth geologists at the time.1 George Young believed the rocks and fossils clearly demonstrated that most of the geological record was the result of Noah’s flood and did not show that the Earth was millions of years old. Both the scientific and biblical evidence strongly convinced him that God created the world in six literal days around 6,000 years ago. Nevertheless, despite his recognized geological and biblical competence, his arguments were completely ignored by his geological opponents, even those geologists who were also ordained clergymen and knew him personally.2 1 Mortenson, ‘British Scriptural Geologists in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century,’ Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Coventry, 1996. 2 Ibid. Nominated by Joe Stephen. See also this article at Answers in Genesis.


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