Charles Bell

Sir Charles BellSir Charles Bell KH FRS FRSE FRCSE MWS (1774-1842) was one of the greatest anatomists and surgeons. Author of many volumes, he was Professor of Comparative Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons in England. His best known work, as far as the general public was concerned, was his Bridgewater Treatise on The Hand; Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments, and Evincing Design, and Illustrating the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God. His non-Christian but sympathetic biographer says:

Much of Bell's writing reflects his deeply religious nature, and there can be little doubt that for him the story of Creation was simply revealed truth.

Excerpted from Men of Science, Men of God by Henry M. Morris. Copyright 1982, 1988 by Henry M. Morris. Used by permission. RETURN TO LIST OF DECEASED INDUCTEES.

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