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Pam Elder - The Welder's WifeDuane Gish, Henry Morris Sr, Joseph Dillow, Ken Ham, Steve Austin, Violet Cummings, Walt Brown, Kent Hovind, Dennis Swift, Bill Cooper, John Morris, Paul Taylor, ICR and AIG, Andrew Snelling, Russell Humphreys  and a host of others, gave me reasons to trust God’s word when the world was saying that evolution is true. Every single one of them God has used in my life and the lives of multitudes of others, in profound ways. This research is not about discrediting their impact on all of us for good. Rather it is being done as an attempt at getting everyone on the same page, so that we will be better equipped to dismantle the devastating impact of the theory of evolution on our world.

Four theories of the Global Flood

Currently there are at least 4 different theories of how God brought about the Flood of Noah. The oldest one, based on the Canopy Theory was put forth by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris. Although the math annulled it years ago, making it obsolete, it was a huge motivator for Creation Science research.  Every once in a while I still find people who are convinced of the theory. Then there’s the Crystalline Canopy Theory, Catastrophic Plate Tectonics Theory, and the Hydroplate Theory. Every one of them (as well as the Canopy Theory) starts out with the idea that on Day 1 the Spirit of God was only moving over the Earth’s ocean. That notion doesn’t line up with the Hebrew Text. (See here for a full treatment.)

Creation Days 1 and 2

In the Hebrew Text, on the First Day the Spirit of God was encasing a mass of water that contained the ‘ingredients’ for the entire Universe and at that point in time there was nothing about the Earth that existed. It was just part of the water in the mass of water. There was no core or any other feature. The Earth was none existent at the end of Day 1. On Day 2 the LORD created the Raqia/the fabric of Outer Space by separating the waters that later He would make the Earth out of, from the waters that He apparently encased the Universe with. This is explained here.  Both Carl Baugh and Russell Humphreys present the Raqia as the fabric of Outer Space, which is in keeping with the Hebrew Text. (In the Hebrew Text, God names the Raqia ‘Shamiyim’ (Heavens) which can be translated as ‘lofty waters’, but it’s not referring to the clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere necessarily, as the sun, moon, and stars are placed in the Raqia! I haven’t yet seen either one of them investigating what the Hebrew Text says about how God formed the Raqia. [Does the ‘void’ in a water whirl pool contain water? Is everything in a fixed location because of the spin of the water and the movement of the river containing the whirl pool?]  They are still heavily basing their research on English translations and old Jewish traditions which don’t necessarily line up with the Hebrew Text.) Walt Brown’s explanation of what the Raqia is doesn’t work. It comes from a misunderstanding of what the Spirit of God was hovering over on Day 1, and so on. [However, he doesn’t need his definition, because the Hydroplate Theory is already in alignment with the Hebrew Text without it. He should completely delete his explanation of ‘raqia’ from his book.]

Creation Day 3: Dry Land

Day 3… Terry asked the question “Why would God make the earth with a hot core?” After investigating how the Hebrew Text describes the formation of the core of the earth I came to the conclusion described in ‘Montana Coffee and The Core of The earth’ Andrew Snelling says that there’s about 30 miles of assorted pre-Flood layers. That would be in keeping with my investigation, and at the same time, an ocean of water covered by a slab of earth with pockets of water in the slab as in 2 Peter 3:5 and Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory would also fit in. As for Terry’s question, I don’t think so, because it seems to me that the water would have prevented it. I am of the notion just like Walt Brown that the Earth’s original core was not hot. Aside from that, the Hebrew Text says that on Day Three the land separated the waters with it being above the bottom waters, and there was only one sheet of land. That rules out the theory of Catastrophic Plate tectonics and validates the Hydroplate Theory. Genesis 1:9a has text directly relevant to the Global Flood


Genesis 1:9b has text relevant to the Global Flood


Genesis 1:10, relevant to Global Flood

Trigger for the Global Flood

What was the cause of the Global Flood? Was it ‘fountains of magma & steam’ as described in the theory of Catastrophic Plate Tectonics or ‘fountains of water’? The Hebrew Text says that the fountains consisted of water.  See ‘Fountains of The Great Deep.’ That again rules out the theory of Catastrophic Plate Tectonics. In May of 2013 Dr. Walt Brown and Dr. Terry Hurlbut declared a date for the Flood that was about 850 years further back than I had previously understood it to be, based on ancient known perihelions of comets and the dates in the Alexandrian Septuagint. I began to search it out, because it was disconcerting to all my previous notions, and came to the conclusion that they were right, hence the research at this link. Catastrophic Plate Tectonics puts forth the idea that there was magma before the Flood, however, I’m convinced that volcanic activity before the Flood was nonexistent as demonstrated in the names in Genesis 10. If they had known about volcanic activity and had been familiar with it, they would have fled Ararat, instead of remaining in the region. Instead, their wives gave birth over and over again, naming their sons according to whatever volcanic activity was going on at the time!!  [When I first translated the names in Genesis 10, I came to the understanding that they were describing volcanic activity because of the research done by Steve Austin and John Morris and those with them, which I had previously studied.] [Aside from the Hebrew Text, the research on the Crossover Depth and Magma makes the theory of Catastrophic Plate Tectonics obsolete.]

The ocean floor tells the story

Ocean Floor Maps demonstrate the Hydroplate Theory but show no scars for the Theory of Catastrophic Plate Tectonics. I collect and study Ocean Flood Maps. I study them constantly as they are hanging up on the walls of my study, with the best ones hanging up above my work area. On one of them I have marked out the position of the pre-Flood Equator with a red ribbon. On the same map I have also pinned out the direction of the post-Flood roll of the Earth.

World map showing pre-Flood equator

Different maps highlight features that don’t stand out in other maps.

3-D map of world ocean floor showing scars of the Global Flood


3-D map of ocean floor in Mercator projection showing scars of the Global Flood

Those features support what Dr. Walt Brown has been saying all along concerning the Hydroplate Theory. In this particular one you can see where the Western Pacific sank down as the continents slid away from the section of the Mid Ocean Ridge in the Atlantic. You can also see how the Himalayans (which were formed during the Flood) would cause the Earth to roll, as Dr. Walt Brown describes in his research. They are a massive bump on the surface of the Earth! We all know that the Himalayans are the highest mountains in the world, but what is equally amazing is that the Tibetan Plateau (which is 620 miles NS by 1,600 miles NE) is also 16,000 ft high in the NW. The area also has surrounding mountain chains. Just to the north of the plateau is the Tarim basin which once was a huge glacier lake. (It’s that hollow spot just above the Tibetan Plateau.) By comparison a similar land area size (but not volume size) is from Vancouver Washington to Baja Mexico lengthwise & from the edge of the California coast to the edge of the Continental Divide. If you were to take that whole area & somehow incase it in a container, & then add enough material so that the whole area was well over 16,000 feet high, then you would have something similar to the Himalayas & the Tibetan Plateau. The Himalayans formed when India slid away from the Mid Ocean Ridge & did a ‘head on collision’ with Eurasia which was sliding away from the Artic section of the Mid Ocean Ridge. The ensuing crash caused the land to buckle sky-wards, & at the same time become the heaviest point on the globe, which in turn caused the earth to begin to roll. Then after the Flood, the area around the Himalayans became even heavier for a time as the ice pack accumulated during the Ice Age. The Hebrew Text gives testimony to the roll of the Earth. In Genesis 11:2 it says that when they began to travel away from Ararat, they went east towards the land of Shinar (Babylon).  Presently, that is south of Ararat, but right after the Flood, when the Earth was still in the process of rolling, it was east!  The Hydroplate Theory explains why. I have written more on this in the following links: and!.pdf  (The second one explains the location of the Garden of Eden in relation to the Hydroplate Theory.) To add to this ‘Map Research’, the LORD has somehow seen to it that I have viewed on site enough of the geography of the globe to also validate that the land slid away from the Mid Ocean Ridge. In the continent of Australia, on the Eastern side, I have been all the way from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea (I lived in Goroka, New Guinea) to Melbourne, Australia. (I have been all over the eastern side of Queensland and New South Wales and parts of Victoria & have lived in all 3 states.) In the middle of Australia I have been from the middle of Australia (Alice Springs, where I also lived) to the bottom (Adelaide). [My parents are opal miners, and live in Mintabie, which is 10 miles inland from Marla, South Australia.] I also spent 2 years in Perth, on the western side of Australia.  In the continent of North America, I have been all over the western side from Banff in Canada to Tijuana in Mexico, and through the southwest from Southern California to Dallas, Texas. (Most of all that was by vehicle.)  [I’ve also been to Baltimore, Florida, the North Island of New Zealand, and the airports in Saint Paul’s Minnesota, Huston, Hawaii, and Fiji, but I had to fly to get to those places, so I didn’t get much of a chance to view the geography except for New Zealand and Florida.] The continent of Australia slid away from the Mid Ocean Ridge (Southeast Indian Ridge) during the Flood, and collided with the up-ended edges of what was sinking down in the Western Pacific, forming the mountain range that goes clear across the island of New Guinea. At the same time, because Europe was sliding away from the Artic Mid Ocean Ridge , it pushed Australia towards the pre-Flood equator (when the Equator was in the position demonstrated by the red ribbon in the first map) which in turn caused the ‘bulk’ of the pre-Flood equator to form the mountains on the Eastern side of Australia. When I lived in the middle of Australia (Alice Springs, also known as the ‘Hot Red Heart of Australia’) I used to wonder at the shiny feldspar and other rocks in that area. Later, after I began to study Creation Science I remember Dr. Andrew Snelling explaining how the feldspars of the Outback of Australia were young because they were fresh and unweathered and not decomposed into clay, and how that was evidence of a young earth. In his article titled ‘Uluru & Kata Tjuta: A Testimony to the Flood’ he also said that Central Australian landforms were carved out by water erosion in a hot humid tropical climate and not by wind erosion as in today’s dry desert climate.  The first 2 maps on this document demonstrate that Central Australia was a lot closer to the pre-Flood equator than it is today, and thus would have been a hot humid climate just as Dr. Snelling has said, but the way I came to that deduction was through Dr. Brown’s research, because I took an old beat up globe and relocated the North and South Poles according to where Dr. Brown said they were located before the Flood. Then I took a black marker and set it at where the Equator would have been located before the Flood, and then turned the globe in a complete circle, thus marking out the approximate location of the Equator at the end of the Flood, after the land slid away from the Mid Ocean Ridge, etc. Afterwards, I marked it out with the red ribbon seen in the first map of this document. Now that I live on the other side of the globe, in America, I can see that the mountain chains formed along the western side as the land slide away from the Atlantic Mid Ocean Ridge. I view upended strata in the landscape where I live on a daily basis. Alberton is full of slabs of water ripple rocks (containing plant fossils) that are vertical instead of horizontal!! You can also see on this map that the deepest trenches in the Western Pacific also run parallel with the Atlantic Mid Ocean Ridge. [They do an elbow turn at Samoa and head towards New Zealand, which makes it look parallel with South America, but don’t forget to account for the map being ‘flat’.]

Another map of the ocean floor showing Global Flood scars, i.e. the Mid-Oceanic Ridges

As you can see from my own research, I am convinced that the Hydroplate Theory lines up with both the Hebrew Text and the World Ocean Floor Maps. Pam Elder, January 30th, 2014. thewelderswife [at]

End Notes:

3D Map:

World Ocean Floor by Bruce Heezen & Marie Tharp Lamont Doherty Geological Observatory Palisades, New York 10964 Based on Research and exploration Initiated & Supported by the United States Navy Office of Naval Research. Produced by Hubbard Scientific, Chippewa Falls, WI USA Here’s where you can order it: Map that shows pre-Flood equator: The map itself without my additions is: DIE WELT-THE WORLD-LE MONDE-IL MONDO ISBN-3-7079-0248-X Kartographischer Verlag Reinhard Ryborsch (Author) (Map - 1988) Freytag & Berndt Laufzeit: 12/2005  2071 Kartographie, Druck u. Verlag: Freytag-Berndt u. Artaria, A-1231 WIEN It’s out of print at this time, but you might be able to track it down through Amazon. The 2nd map is titled ‘World Ocean Floor’ December 1981 National Geographic Society. This is my favorite map for showing the complete picture of the Pacific Ocean with the layout of the Mid Ocean Ridge from Baja California to the Gulf of Aden. The red ribbon demonstrates the location of the Equator in the Pacific Ocean right after the mountains were formed during the Flood. This map also shows how Eurasia slid away from The Mid Ocean Ridge in the Artic. (However, it would be better if you could see it on a globe!)

Recycled Globe (see below):

‘World Portrait Globe’  patent pending Location of Pre Flood Equator: I took an old beat-up globe, & re-located the Pre Flood Poles according to Dr Walt Brown’s information & then held a black marker at zero degrees, where the Equator would be located, & then turned the globe in a complete circle. The following sequence shows the location, right after the mountains were formed during the Flood, just before the earth began to roll.