Living Inductees

The Creation Science Hall of Fame honors all scientists and other creation advocates, living or dead, who help advance the understanding of God’s creation. In granting membership to living scientists, CSHOF makes no representation, nor makes any attempt to judge, whether any given creation model is correct or not. Nor does CSHOF make any attempt to judge any disputes between and among creation scientists, whether inside or outside the laboratory.

Charles Jackson

Charles Jackson. Photo: Creation Truth Foundation. Used by permission.Dr. Charles Jackson has four degrees in science and education (EdD Sci Ed, Univ of VA, 1994; MS Enviro Bio, George Mason Univ; MEd Sci Ed, GMU; BS Bio, GMU). From 1980 to 2002, he taught secondary school sciences 11 years, then college biology and chemistry 6 years, and then teacher education classes 6 yrs in VA, MD, VT and TN. In 2003, Dr.

John Mackay

John MackayJohn Mackay is an international speaker and is the Australian Director of Creation Research. He has lectured on the subject of origins and done field research worldwide for the last 30 years.

Russ McGlenn

Russ McGlennOften called Mr. Science by his students, Russ McGlenn is a theology major, Christian Ed & missions minor, game inventor, Creation Science teacher, explorer, dinosaur hunter, photographer, and national camp, school, and seminar speaker.  He specializes in hands on demonstrations of the truths of God’s Word.

Meet Mr. Science, Russ McGlenn of Adventure Safaris

Patrick Roy

Patrick RoyPatrick Roy was the Director of Broadcast and Radio for 12 years with Institute for Creation Research and was very instrumental in the program: Science Scripture and Salvation, by Dr. John Morris.

Jonathan Sarfati

(objected to his induction) Jonathan SarfatiJonathan D. Sarfati B.Sc. (Hons.), Ph.D., F.M. is a creationist, physical chemist and spectroscopist from Australia. Jonathan Sarfati also won fame as a chess player. Now, perhaps, he plays a different kind of chess, on a wider board.

Barry Setterfield

Barry Setterfield Barry Setterfield is a creation scientist whose stated goal is to let data lead to theory. He participated in November 1965 in a project to find a location for the largest telescope for the Southern Hemisphere which was being planned for Australia.

G. Thomas Sharp

G. Thomas Sharp. Photo: Creation Truth Foundation. Used by permissionG. Thomas Sharp has achieved national and international recognition as a Christian educator, religious leader, businessman and author. He is the founder and chairman of The Creation Truth Foundation (CTF) Inc., and founder of the Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies (IBWS), both in Noble, Oklahoma.