Living Inductees

The Creation Science Hall of Fame honors all scientists and other creation advocates, living or dead, who help advance the understanding of God’s creation. In granting membership to living scientists, CSHOF makes no representation, nor makes any attempt to judge, whether any given creation model is correct or not. Nor does CSHOF make any attempt to judge any disputes between and among creation scientists, whether inside or outside the laboratory.

Gerald Van Dyke

C. Gerald Van Dyke, PhDC. Gerald Van Dyke, PhD, is a Professor Emeritus in Botany from North Carolina State University. He taught biology courses and is a creationist. He took his position on creation where it was not a popular position to take, in the biology department of a state university.

Larry Vardiman

Larry VardimanWhile obtaining his Ph.D., Dr. Larry Vardiman served as a research assistant at Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science (1970-74) and as a consulting meteorologist at Western Scientific Services (1973-74).

Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind, founder of Creation Science Evangelism MinistriesKent E. Hovind (born January 15, 1953), an American young earth creationist, is considered by many to be one of the foremost authorities on science and the Bible.

Jonathan Sarfati

(objected to his induction) Jonathan SarfatiJonathan D. Sarfati B.Sc. (Hons.), Ph.D., F.M. is a creationist, physical chemist and spectroscopist from Australia. Jonathan Sarfati also won fame as a chess player.