Deceased Inductees

The Creation Science Hall of Fame recognizes scientists, living or dead, who have contributed to our understanding of creation and the Creator. Modern science began with the Renaissance, so the Hall of Fame begins there also.

George Stokes

Sir George Stokes, BaronetSir George Gabriel Stokes, First Baronet (1819 - 1903) was a great British physicist and mathematician, making major contributions in many fields.

John William Dawson

John William DawsonSir John William Dawson CMG, FRS, FRSC (1820 -1899) was the greatest of the early Canadian geologists, contributing significantly to the elucidation of the geology of Canada.

Louis Agassiz

Louis Agassiz. Photo: unknownJean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz (1807 -1873) was a great Christian paleontologist and is recognized as the father of glacial geology and the science of glaciology.

Henry Darwin Rogers

Henry Darwin RogersHenry Darwin Rogers (1808-1866) was an American geologist well known for his detailed studies of the geology of the Appalachians and also of the coal fields of America an

Matthew Fontaine Maury

Lieutenant Matthew Fontaine Maury USNMatthew Fontaine Maury (1806 -1873), known as "the Pathfinder of the Seas" was, to all intents and purposes, the founder of the modern sciences of hydrography and oceanography. On a plaque at Goshen Pass, (Previously stated by Dr.