Honorable Mention

Your Board of Directors of the Creation Science Hall of Fame are pleased to present its HONORABLE MENTION list. All names are in alphabetical order with some or no information about the Honoree. If they were nominated other than by the CSHF, that person who recommended the Honoree is also listed. Anyone may nominate a Creationists for "Honorable Mention" on the CSHF web site by contacting info [at] creationsciencehalloffame.org or contacting nick [at] creationsciencehalloffame.org  The Board of Directors may pick from the Honorable Mention list for Induction into the CSHF. News flash: The Creation Science Hall of Fame recognizes the following Creationists on the Texas Panel for Biology Textbooks: Daniel Romo, David Zeiger, Ide Trotter, Raymond Bohlin, Richard White, and Walter Bradley. We here at the CSHF are proud of Creationists who are not afraid to stand up for the Truth. Please check back periodically for additions and updates.

  1. Aaron, Benjamin a retired Professor of Surgery at George Washington University and a board member at the Institute for Creation Research. Nominated by CSHF.
  2. Anderson, Rev. Lloyd T. was born in Portland OR on 12/28/35, came to Christ in 1951, attended Multnomah Bible College from 54-56, graduated from Wheaton College in 1959 (B.A.) and Dallas Theological Seminary in 1966 (Th.M.). He married Doris Theis, an R.N. from Milwaukee Wisconsin, in 1960. They are the parents of five children and six grandchildren. Anderson pastored Bible churches in Port Angeles, Poulsbo and Lynnwood from 1966-1985. During a period of retirement from full-time ministry he learned computers and remodeled an old house in Seattle to establish home-ownership. During that time (1986-1997) he was the office manager and bookkeeper for a Seattle engineering firm, also taking classes in accounting. His interests have always been in Bible teaching with a special devotion to the study of prophecy. He was introduced to young-earth creation science by hearing Henry Morris in 1995. Shortly after, he heard Steven Austin tell what Institute for Creation Research scientists had learned at Mount St. Helens. With Doris, his wife of over 50 years, he founded and has directed the Mount St. Helens Creation Information Center since 1998. Doris received her grad certificate in Bible from Multnomah, retrained in journalism in the 80s and works on displays, the newsletter, brochures, tourism networking and hospitality at the Museum. Link to 7Wonders Museum five minute promo onYouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ai3l4shz9w Nominated by CSHF
  3. Anderson, Kevin, Ph.D., Microbiology Received his PhD from Kansas State University in Microbiology. He then undertook postdoctoral studies in the National Institute of Health at the University of Illinois, and then became a professor of Microbiology at Mississippi State University. As a Professor at Mississippi State he taught graduate level molecular genetics and served as the major professor for several doctoral and masters students. He later than joined the U.S. Government and served as a research microbiologist for the United States Department of Agriculture before accepting his current position as Director of the Van Andel Creation Research Center in Chino Valley AZ. Dr. Anderson has published over 20 papers in technical microbiology journals, and is listed in several “Who’s Who” of science and technology. He currently is the editor-and-chief of the Creation Research Society Quarterly. (Please visit the Van Andel Creation Research website to see what Kevin Anderson and the other scientists are currently doing.) Nominated for “Honorable Mention” on the Creation Science Hall of Fame Website. Submitted to CSHF by the Board of Directors of the Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA). www.creationsearch.org
  4. Armitage, Mark Mark Armitage is the first scientist in history to discover and publish his findings of soft tissues in a Triceratops horn collected at the Hell Creek Formation in MT. The publication (see: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0065128113000020) This major peer-reviwed journal cost him his job. Mark is a Creation Research Society board member and Creation Speaker. www.creationresearch.org. Mark is also a World renowned electron microscopist. Mark is a member of AzOSA and serves as a board member for the Creation Research Society, www.creationresearch.org. He has served as an adjunct Professor at Azusa Pacific University and currently is in charge of the Microscopy Laboratory for the Biology Department at California State University at Northridge. Nominated by CSHF and the Board of Directors of the Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA).
  5. Ashcraft, Christopher Wayne is a creation scientist, speaker, and educator specializing in Biology and Genetics. He is firmly committed to researching and teaching creation apologetics and speaks periodically at churches, schools, and creation organizations in the Northwest United States. He is the founder of the Northwest Creation Network and the CreationWiki internet encyclopedia, where he serves as senior administrator. He also organizes the Seattle Creation Conference. Reference: http://creationwiki.org/Chris_Ashcraft He obtained a Bachelor of Science in biology from Wayland Baptist University in 1989, a Master of Science in biology from Texas Tech University in 1996, and a Master of Education from the University of Washington in 2008. Chris is currently a full-time graduate student at Seattle Pacific University where he is pursuing a Master in Teaching Mathematics and Science degree. He was formerly a research technician specialized in plant tissue culture and genetic transformation technology, and is currently a high school science teacher at Cedar Park Christian Schools where he teaches Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Creation Apologetics. Nominated by Dr. Johnson C. Philip , Physics4u.info
  6. Austin, Steven is a geologist who is famous for his studies of Mount St. Helens and the Grand Canyon. He is a professor with the Institute for Creation Research. He is the author of The Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe. Nominated by CSHF.
  7. Auxt, Jay earned his BA degree in Electrical Engineering with the Nuclear Option from Va Tech in 1976. He has been practicing engineering ever since. He was saved in 1980 and has been fascinated how the sciences all support God’s word. Consequently, his creation science activities regularly include speaking and teaching with Auxt Biblical Creation Resources (www.AuxtBCR.info) and Antietam Bible College (www.AntietamBibleCollege.org). He is also a member of the board of directors of the Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research (www.ISBRMinistries.org). Jay Auxt and Bill Curtis (founder of ISBR) authored the book Global Warming and the Creator’s Plan, the first book on the subject published from a Biblical perspective. He and his wife Jackie have six children and one grandchild. P.O. Box 121, Thurmont, MD 21788 Nominated by Karl Priest.
  8. Baumgardner, John R. (Geophysicist) U.S. News & World Report (June 16, 1997) devoted a respectful four-page article to the work of Dr John Baumgardner, calling him “the world’s pre-eminent expert in the design of computer models for geophysical convection.” Dr. Baumgardner earned degrees from Texas Tech University (B.S., electrical engineering), and Princeton University (M.S., electrical engineering), and earned a Ph.D. in geophysics and space physics from UCLA. Since 1984 he has been employed as a technical staff member at Los Alamos (New Mexico) National Laboratory. Nominated by CSHF.
  9. Bergman, Jerry is a frequent contributor to the Creation Research Society Quarterly, and Creation magazine. He has two earned doctorates, and is participating in the human genome project. Among his publications: Vestigial Organs are Fully Functional, and The Criterion. He also has his own page on the CSHF web site. Nominated by CSHF.
  10. Bliss, Richard is the founder of the Good Science workshops at the Institute For Creation Research. Nominated by CSHF.
  11. Bohlin, Raymond is vice president of vision outreach for Probe Ministries in Plano and a research fellow for the Seattle-based Discovery Institute. The Discovery Institute promotes the pseudoscientific concept “intelligent design” over evolution. Founded in 1973, Probe works “to present the Gospel to communities, nationally and internationally, by providing life-long opportunities to integrate faith and learning through balanced, biblically based scholarship.” Bohlin has a doctorate in molecular and cell biology from the University of Texas at Dallas, making him a star performer for anti-evolution groups. He is listed as a “Darwin Skeptic” on the Creation Science Hall of Fame website. Probe and the Creation Science Hall of Fame promote a fundamentalist, literal interpretation of the Bible’s creation story. We know that Bohlin is in Austin, Texas this week to participate in the biology review panel meetings.
  12. Boudreaux, Ed Dr., has made significant contributions to creation science. He and his colleague are the only ones to publish a creation based theory for origin of chemical elements and a solid case for accelerated radioactive decay. Nominated by Nick Lally
  13. Bradley, Walter is a retired Baylor University professor of engineering who coauthored a book, The Mystery of Life’s Origins in 1984, that essentially launched the “intelligent design” movement. “Intelligent design” suggests a scientific basis for creationism (creationism dressed up in a lab coat). Bradley, founding fellow of the Discovery Institute’s Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture, is also listed as a “Darwin Skeptic” on the Creation Science Hall of Fame website. He is participating in the biology review panel meetings this week.
  14. Breeding, Dan started “Creatures of Creation”. It’s a Christian educational outreach ministry that focuses on the unique characteristics of God’s amazing creatures while sharing Biblical truths and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This includes seminars, conferences, camps, videos, publications, website, and animal education. Dan Breeding first began Creatures of Creation as a unique outreach under another organization called Wild Animal Encounters, where he has served as the Founder and Director for the past nine years. Dan has a degree in Wildlife Education and Animal Training and has many years of experience working with animal wildlife including serving as an intern at the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Zoos. Dan has 12 years of movie, television and commercial experience, and has made numerous television appearances (David Letterman, Jay Leno, Fox News, “Hannity and Colmes,” “Good Morning America,” “Live with Regis and Kelly,” “Maury Povich,” “CBS Weekend Show” and “Inside Edition”). Dan also served as one of the lead animal trainers for three feature films: Most Vertical Primate, Most Extreme Primate and Spymate. Dan has worked with Jack Hanna, Director of Columbus Zoo Emeritus, Julie Scardina (Busch Gardens / Seaworld), Jim Fowler, and Peter Gros with Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom.” Dan also filmed an episode of “The Jeff Corwin Experience” for Animal Planet. Dan resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. http://www.creaturesofcreation.org/index.php Nominated by Joe Stephen, Director, CSHF.
  15. Buckna, David has been very active in the creation arena for many many years. He is on websites debating evolutionists, he has supported the UBC Okanagan Creation Club and he has written many articles/letters to the editor for the cause of creation over evolution. I would say he is a worthy candidate. Nominated by Ed Neeland.
  16. Burdick, Clifford (deceased). Unjustly expelled twice from academia due to uncovering evidence that contradicted the then current evolutionary theory. Although the CSHF recognizes Clifford Burdick for his work in Creation Science, please understand that there is much controversy over Burdick’s work and degrees by Creationists and Evolutionists alike. Nominated by CSHF
  17. Cantor, Tom President, founder and CEO Scantibodies Laboratory.Wrote, "How a Jew Became a Scientific Creationist". Developed Creation and Earth History Museum. Santee, California. Free admission! tom.cantor [at] scantibodies.com 1-800-279-9181 Nominated by Nick Lally
  18. Carson, Ben, Dr. An unusual controversy has erupted at Emory University over the choice of famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson to deliver this year’s commencement address because he does not believe in evolution. Nearly 500 professors, student and alumni signed a letter (see full text below) expressing concern that Carson, as a 7th Day Adventist, believes in creationist theory that holds that all life on Earth was created by God about 6,000 years ago. It rejects Darwin’s theory of evolution, which is the central principle that animates modern biology, uniting all biological fields under one theoretical tent, and which virtually all modern scientists agree is true. (Evolutioary bias views) The letter’s authors are not seeking to have Carson disinvited. Instead, they say it was written to raise concerns about his anti-scientific views. Carson has given dozens of commencement speeches and received some 50 honorary degreesm but this is apparently the first time that his views on evolution have become an issue at a graduation. Carson is world renowned for his work with children, becoming in 1987 the first surgeon to successfully separate siamese twins conjoined at the back of the head. In 2000 he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States. He is also known for his own life story — he was raised by a single mother in Detroit and struggled for a time in school but wound up at Yale University — and for his philanthropy: The Carson Scholars Fund recognizes exceptional young people. Carson works at Johns Hopkins University, where he is director of the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, co-director of the Craniofacial Center and a professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery and pediatrics. Carson has spoken publicly about his views on evolution and creationism, once telling a convention of the National Science Teachers: “Evolution and creationism both require faith. It’s just a matter of where you choose to place that faith.” Nominated by Tina Hollenbeck
  19. Cassase, Mario is founder and director of the Exploration Science Center in Port Jervis, NY (2012). The mission of the organization is to “Proclaim the truths of a Creator and His glorious gospel.” His parents instilled in him a love for the truth and have trained him to learn, to lead and to share Jesus. This planted the seed for birthing “time travel themed” interactive creation museum called the Origins Museum. The Tour shares the truth of scripture regarding the creation, climaxing with the gospel. Visit www.tsFamilyChristianCenter.com for more information. Mario has taught several creation-based lectures for youth while in his teens, studied undergraduate level Biology and actively discoursed with students and faculty both in the secular and christian colleges he attended. Recently, he has also shared his tour in “mobile form” at Transformation Life Center. Nominated by Nick Lally
  20. Chiang, Gary R. Dr. Profesor of Biology, Redeemer University College, Ancaster, ON, Canada. Author of "The Rise of Theistic Evolution in Christian Higher Education": A  Report from the Trenches. May, 2013. Nominated by Nick Lally
  21. Curtis, Bill (deceased), founder and director of ISBR (Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research) in Lancaster, PA. Bill is famous on several counts – he worked with Dr. Werner von Braun early in his career, and he also was the lead designer in the development of many aircraft, probably the most famous being the A-10 Thunderbolt (aka: Warthog), our nation’s famous “tank killer”. Dr Curtis was also a Hebrew scholar and a famous bicycle racer, having won numerous national championships. Bill was a personal friend of Dr. Henry Morris and has written several books. He was a staunch defender of the literal interpretation of the biblical view of origins. Nominated by Mike Snavely. honorary doctorate degrees. He’s also a member of the Alpha Honor Medical Society and the Horatio Alger Society of Distinguished Americans, and sits on a number of business- and education-related boards. To date, he’s written five books – Gifted Hands, The Big Picture, Take the Risk, Think Big, and America the Beautiful – and, in 1994, he and his wife founded the Carson Scholars Fund to promote reading and provide scholarships. In 2001, he was named by both CNN and Time Magazine as one of the nation’s “20 foremost physicians and scientists” and was selected by the Library of Congress as one of 89 “Living Legends.” In 2006, the NAACP awarded him the Spingarn Medal and, in 2008, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States. Despite all these accomplishments, he has been openly criticized within the scientific community for his steadfast adherence to Creation Science – most recently by faculty and staff at Emory University in 2012, who sought to discredit him prior to his delivering a commencement address at the school. But his commitment to the biblical truth of Creation Science does not waver. In fact, he unabashedly points out that “evolution and creationism both require faith. It’s just a matter of where you choose to place that faith.” Nominated by home education advocate and Christian apologist Tina Hollenbeck.
  22. Damadian, Raymond V. made history as the inventor of the MRI scanner. The first MR image of a human skull was made by him on July 3, 1977. His prototype is now on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institution‘s Hall of Medical Sciences. Does creation play a part in Damadian’s philosophy of science? No; it does not play a part, it plays the lead role. Dr. Damadian, a young-earth creationist, is convinced that the Bible is the reason for the advancement of science and the blessings of Western civilization, and that our country is in great peril if we do not return to Biblical principles, including the foundational doctrine of creation. The big competitors nearly robbed him of his invention. He learned first-hand about corporate greed, and had to spend millions defending his patent. In 1982, a jury trial vindicated him against international corporations that were manufacturing scanners overseas, but a judge single-handedly reversed their verdict (any corruption there?). After years of legal wrangling, Fonar Corp. was eventually awarded $100 million in damages, but the really big bucks are still going overseas to those never involved in the invention at all. From his experience, Damadian became an energetic advocate for the lonely inventors competing against corporate giants, lobbying Congress for protection of patents from infringement and warning against the consequences of weakening the patent laws. His reputation, however, seems secure. In 1988, Damadian was awarded the National Medal of Technology, the nation’s highest award for applied science. The following year he was enrolled in the Inventor’s Hall of Fame. He was never awarded the Nobel Prize. Nominated by CSHF.
  23. DeYoung, Don is a professor of physics at Grace College, Winona Lake, Ind. A member of faculty there since 1972, he is known internationally for his work in creation science. He is president of the Creation Research Society, author of 15 books on Bible-science topics, and well known as a creation science speaker. Dr. DeYoung earned his A.S. degree from Grand Rapids Junior College, B.S. and M.S. degrees from Michigan Technological University, M.Div. from Grace Theological Seminary, and Ph.D. degree from Iowa State University. Nominated by CSHF.
  24. Elder, Pam a.k.a. ’The Welder’s Wife’. Traditional Domestic Engineer. Married for 35 years and still counting. Shared the same roof with her widowed mother-in-law for approximately 17½ years. Raised 2 batches of kids. (1st batch was part time, consisting of a niece and nephew and the 2nd batch was full time, consisting of a son!) Her interest in Creation Science began at the age of 18 when she came across 2 tracks lying on a table in a Christian Book Store in Alice Springs, NT Australia. One was ‘Have You Been Brainwashed?’ by Dr. Duane Gish and the other one was ‘Big Daddy?’ by Jack Chick. After she read them, she mentally threw out everything she had been taught about science and started again based on God’s Word being the truth. After graduating from Life Bible College in Perth, Western Australia, she moved to California, USA and met her husband at a College Bible Study while attending Grace Community Church in Panorama City. (She also attended Logos.) When their son became old enough for school they decided to move to Idaho and there started him out in a Christian school. (They refused to put him in the public education system because of its adherence to the theory of evolution.) She became the kinder garten teacher for 4 years and afterwards became the school administrator for 5 years. While she was the school administrator, she began writing a novel about Noah and his family, and as a result, began researching Creation Science in earnest. Her constant prayer was to be as accurate as possible, but she really didn’t think there was much information available; however the LORD answered that prayer in some amazing ways! {He knew all about the battles those called into the Creation Science ministry would face, so He put what we would be needing into the first 11 chapters of Genesis right from the beginning. (Thank you LORD!)} It started out with a friend teaching her students the Hebrew alphabet, which led to some of them wanting to continue learning Hebrew, including her son. Later her family moved to Montana because of her husband’s work. For the rest of high school she home-schooled their son. Then, because of his language elective now being Hebrew, she started taking him to a Messianic Jewish ‘synagogue’ so that he could become more familiar with the culture associated with it, and that’s when she began to lean Hebrew as well. By the grace of God, her Hebrew Teacher was also into Creation Science and he encouraged her to translate Genesis chapters 1 through 11 from the Hebrew Text, the goal being to see what the Hebrew Text had to say about Creation Science. It took her 3½ years to do it. Because of her Creation Science background, while translating the names in Genesis 10 she began to see that the names in the 2nd generation born after the Flood were describing volcanic activity. Then when she placed the list of names side by side and read across the list according to birth order, she found that they were describing a sequence of volcanic events. Later, as she went back over the names of the 1st generation, she found that they too were describing a series of geological events. Eventually she found that the names for the 3rd through the 5th generations, likewise, were also describing geological events! Afterwards, because of her conviction that Hebrew was the original language, she decided to see if the earliest names listed in the Irish & British genealogies in ‘After The Flood’ by Bill Cooper, B.A.Hons. were Hebrew. She figured out how they would be written in Hebrew and then looked them up to see if they were actual Hebrew words. They are! She found that they coincide with what the names in Genesis 10 are describing, including volcanic activity, and migrations starting from Ararat. Some are describing a four sided city as it was developed and then a great tower rising up, and a rebellion. Afterwards, the British genealogy is no longer translatable, and one of the Irish lines disappears. The other 2 Irish lines continue in Hebrew for a while, including describing some kind of a terrifying tempest right after God confounded the language at Babel (Also two of Joktan’s sons have names that seems to refer to this event.) The research is ongoing and can be found at her website. Her ministry is called ‘Women’s Resources On Creation Science’ (W-ROCS! for short). You can find it at www.WomensResourcesOnCreationScience.org or www.w-rocs.org Nominated by Nick Lally
  25. Fabich, Dr. Andrew J. grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, OH before moving to Columbus, OH to finish high school and attend Ohio State. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he married his high school sweetheart and began graduate school. His first two children were born during graduate school just before he took a teaching job at Tennessee Temple University. While in Chattanooga, his other 2 children were born before joining the faculty at Liberty University in 2011. Dr. Fabich did his dissertation on understanding how good and bad E. coli colonize the mammalian intestine to cause disease. He continues working on molecular pathogenesis and colonization of facultative anaerobes in the mammalian intestine. Andrew has written many research articles for various publications. Nominated by the CSHF
  26. Fales', Richard M. Dr. lectures on Biblical Archaeology and Creation Science are much in demand.He has been a popular lecturer/speaker on archaeological topics at colleges, universities, seminaries, high schools, churches and civic clubs in the U.S. and abroad for many years.He holds a Ph.D. from Saint Charles University, Louisiana and a Litt.D. from Cal Grad in Southern California.Because of his expertise and experience, Professor Fales has appeared as an archaeology spokesman and advisor for radio, film, T.V., and video projects. Nominated by Nick Lally
  27. Faulkner, Dr. Danny R. A stellar astronomer and speaker.Has a B.S. (Math),M.S. (Physics), M.A. and PhD (Astronomy, Indiana University). For over 25 years he was on the faculty of the University of South Carolina Lancaster, where he taught physics and astronomy. He was Chair of its Division of Math, Science, Nursing, and Public Health (2009–2012). Danny retired as a full professor and now holds the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus. In January, 2013 he joined Answers in Genesis and its Creation Museum full time. He has published more than a hundred papers in various astronomy and astrophysics journals. So far, Dr. Faulkner has published one book, Universe by Design. Nominated by the CSHF.
  28. Franz, Gordon combines a scholar’s love for God’s Word and his archaeological and geographical knowledge of the Lands of the Bible. As a former instructor at the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem, he has conducted numerous field trips throughout Israel and Jordan. More recently he has explored other Lands of the Bible such as Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Egypt, Turkey and Greece. His archaeological experiences includes working on excavations at Jezreel, Lachish, Ramat Rachel, and several excavations in Jerusalem, including Ketef Hinnom where the oldest Biblical texts were discovered on two silver amulets. Gordon has regularly worked with Dr. Amnon Ben-Tor at the Hazor excavations since 2005. Gordon is a graduate of Florida Bible College (Bible) and Christian Heritage College (history). He pursued graduate studies at the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem (History of Ancient Israel) and finished his graduate work at Columbia Biblical Seminary (Old Testament). He is a Bible instructor at New York School of the Bible in New York City, lectures at Evangelical (Chinese) Mission and Seminary International in New Jersey, and is an adjunct professor for the Talbot School of Theology’s “Bible Lands” program. Gordon has given many Creation Science presentations including, ”Searching for the Ark” which he has personally done in the Middle East. He also conducts seminars with PowerPoint that has the theme of “Life and Land” of various Biblical characters. Currently he is serving as a staff member at ABR for over 10 years. Nominated by Nick Lally
  29. Gentry, Robert V. is a nuclear physicist who worked 13 years for the Oakridge National Laboratory as a guest scientist. During the time he worked there, he was recognized as the world’s leading authority in his area of research. When he began his research, he was an evolutionist. Today, Dr. Gentry is a fully convinced young earth creation scientist. One reason: the phenomenon of “polonium haloes“, constitutes clear evidence of a young earth. Additionally, Gentry has devised his own creationist cosmology. Nominated by David Plaisted.
  30. Gitt, Werner obtained his degree in engineering from the Technical University in Hanover, Germany. After receiving his Ph.D.he was appointed head of the Department of Information Technology at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology. Seven years later her was promoted to Director and Professor at PTB. His research concerns have involved information science, mathematics, and systems control technology.His many original research findings have been published in scientific journals or have been the subject of papers presented at scientific conferences and at universities in Germany and around the world. He is the author of Did God Use Evolution?, If Animals Could Talk, Stars and their Purpose and In the Beginning was Information. Werner is also a renowned evangelist, having spoken widely on issues relating to the Bible and science. Though retired, he has contributed many articles to Creation Magazine and the in-dept Journal of Creation (formerly TJ). Dr Gitt has written numerous scientific papers in the fields of information science, mathematics, and control engineering. He has also written several creationist books. Nominated by CSHF.
  31. Groppi, Teno from Wyldewood Baptist Church in Oshkosh. WI, runs the Genesis Evidence Ministry (http://GenesisEvidence.org) defending the truth and scientific accuracy of the Bible. He has crossed the country to speak at churches and events. He teaches creation lessons twice a month to his church’s youth group. He possesses a vast array of fossils, footprints, and many other artifacts that support the biblical creation account. In the mid-90′s, he combined efforts with Dr. Joe Mastropaolo and Karl Priest in an attempt to get then University of WI-Oshkosh Dean of Science, Dr. Michael Zimmerman, to contend for Dr. Mastropaolo’s “Life Science Prize” debate. The atheist Zimmerman went to great lengths to dodge that encounter, but went on to start the infamous “Clergy Letter Project” effort to get evolution defended in churches. After Dr. Zimmerman ducked debates against Mastropaolo, Hovind, and John Pendleton, Groppi issued his own challenge to Dr. Zimmerman. That offer was also met with a hasty retreat by the scientist. Groppi then organized Kent Hovind’s debate (#10) against UW-0 biochemistry professor, Dr. James Paulson. Paulson was one of Zimmerman’s underlings at UW-0 and the suspicion was that he “took one for the team”. Groppi participated in a debate at the UW-Richland Center in 2010 against an evolutionist college biology professor and a theistic evolutionist Lutheran Pastor where the creation side won a resounding triumph. Nominated by Karl Priest.
  32. Harris, William Gilbert Creation Science speaker, ordained minister with the Free Church of England, Teacher, mechanical Engineer and inventor. Nominated by David Malcolm Harris.
  33. Harris, David Malcolm son of William Gilbert Harris. B.Sc. honours degree from the University of Manchester, in Physics and Electronic Engineering. A life credits MA in Counseling from Ashwood University. Was one of four original founders of the Creation Science Association of Ontario, the founder and chairman of the Creation Discovery Project. He has written several articles for magazines such as the Creation Science Research Quarterly and the Creation Magazines, as well as articles for distribution at presentations. Has been a speaker at a number of Creation Science events such as Twin Cities Creation Science Convention, television programmers such as Revolution Against Evolution, Crossroads, Startling Proofs (Cloud Ten Productions – the producers of the Left Behind series) and others. He has also been the guest on many radio programmers such as the Crawford Broadcasting system in Western New York with live phone-in callers. All of these have been on various creation science topics. Nominated by CSHF.
  34. Hepler, Russ has been an evangelical, born-again Christian for 39 years. He is a graduate of Messiah College, Grantham, PA with a B.A. in Bible with minors in Christian Ed. and Psychology. He is also a graduate, cum laude, from Evangelical School of Theology (now Evangelical Seminary), Myerstown, PA with a M.A.R. in General Studies (with concentrations in Old Testament, New Testament, and Church History). Russ has approximately 30 years of experience in the ministry in the roles of Pastor, Associate Pastor, Director of Christian Education, Chaplain, Youth Pastor, Teacher, Conference Speaker, and Author. He has also served as Regional Field Director for the Pennsylvania Christian Coalition and Board Member and President of the Schuylkill County, PA Chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life. His first book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! – A Practical Guide for Christian Political Involvement – was published in September 2012. Russ is currently a pastor in northeast PA. He and his wife, Sherry, a Glass Technologist and Quality Engineer, have together started Transformation 1202 Ministries – based on Paul’s advice in Romans 12:2 to not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. The goal of the ministry is to call the Church back to thinking, believing, and acting Biblically in every area of life. This includes topics such as Biblical Creation, the Christian and Government, the Biblical Roles of Men and Women, Challenging the Secular and Immoral Culture of Today, Social Issues, and Spiritual Warfare. This ministry has both a website – www.turnthisnationaround.org and a Facebook page – Turn This Nation Around. Russ’ Creation seminars and presentations include: Bold Enough to Believe Genesis and Biblical Creation: God’s Word Speaks! Nominated by Nick Lally
  35. Hovind, Eric literally grew up in the creation ministry and following college graduation in 1999, began full-time creation-ministry service. In 2007, he founded God Quest ministries and was ordained in 2008. Desiring to reach the globe with a cutting-edge creation program, “The Creation Today Show” was inaugurated in 2011. Eric has had the privilege of speaking in five foreign countries and all fifty states presenting and debating the life-changing message of the Gospel. Eric and the Creation Today team’s mission remains steadfast: impact the world to KNOW their creator- GOD! www.creationtoday.org Nominated by CSHF.
  36. Humphreys, David Russell graduated B.S. from Duke University and was awarded his Ph.D in physics from Louisiana State University in 1972. He has worked for General Electric and Sandia National Laboratories in nuclear physics where he received a patent and a science award. From 2001-2008 he was an associate professor at The Institute for Creation Research. He currently works for Creation Ministries International (USA). Humphreys is a board member of both the Creation Research Society and the Creation Science Fellowship of New Mexico. Humphreys’ book, Starlight and Time, presents an alternative cosmological model to the Big Bang theory, that attempts to solve the Distant Starlilght Problem. Its thesis is that the Earth is about six thousand years old, and the outer edge of an expanding and rotating 3-dimensional universe is billions of years old (when measured from earth). It proposes using the principles of relativity to postulate that time ticked at different rates during the universe’s origin. In other words, according to his theory, clocks on earth registered the six days of creation while those at the edge of the universe counted the approximately 15 billion years needed for light from the most distant galaxies to reach earth.The model places the Milky Way galaxy relatively near the center of the cosmos. Nominated by CSHF.
  37. Irwin, Col. James Benson (March 17, 1930 – August 8, 1991) The eighth man to walk on the moon, took the entire Bible seriously because he took its Author seriously. He rejoiced in the Genesis account of origins. He believed that God created the world in six, twenty-four-hour days. That man was Col. James Irwin, the lunar vehicle commander for Apollo 15. Destination: Moon recounts his amazing physical and spiritual journey to the moon. With spectacular photos and “you are there” text, you will experience what it’s like to train for four years as an astronaut. You will feel the emotions of lift-off, see Earth from space, and explore the moon. As amazing as his accomplishment was, Astronaut Irwin viewed it as insignificant compared to the accomplishments of the Creator. Col. Irwin spent the rest of his life sharing this message: “Jesus walking on Earth is more important than man walking on the moon.” His legacy of faith and discovery is an inspiration even now, thirty years after he landed on the moon. Visually stunning. By Astronaut James Irwin. (Endorsed by Billy Graham, Bill Bright, Ken Ham, Doug Phillips, and many others). DESTINATION: Moon –Publishers Vision Forum and Masters Books http://www.visionforum.com/browse/product/destination-moon/ Colonel James Irwin Lunar module commander Apollo 15 ( along with Astronauts Dave Scott, Al Worden) Support team member of Apollo 10 instrumental in landing Astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin to set foot on the moon in 1969 Test pilot top secret YF -12 US AirForce aircraft Nominated by Caleb Stephen
  38. Jones, Raymond (Agriculture Scientist) This, combined with Dr Jones’ other achievements in improving the productivity of the tropical grazing industries, caused CSIRO chief Dr Elizabeth Heij to describe him as ‘one of the top few CSIRO scientists in Australia’. Among the awards he has received are the CSIRO Gold Medal for Research Excellence, and the Urrbrae Award, the latter in recognition of the practical significance of his work for the grazing industry. Nominated by CSHF.
  39. Justice, Kyl and Noah have produced a three-part DVD series called The Awesome Science Collection. Join 14-year-old Noah as he guides your young viewers on exciting exploration adventures, explaining the majesty of God revealed by His creation across the United States. Your children will be captivated and inspired by Noah’s fun and information-packed approach to highlighting the amazing evidences for God’s creation in the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Petrified Forest National Parks. Awesome Science is a high quality DVD series produced by a family that homeschools and works on the series together. Kyle has produced videos which have appeared on various TV networks including National Geographic, ESPN, and the Outdoor Channel. Noah is the field guide and host for all episodes which explore the globe to discover evidence of the accuracy of the Bible. The series can be used in any Christian education setting. For more information, please visit http://awesomescience.tv/. Nominated by Mary Florence Stephen
  40. Kezele, Joseph Jr., M.D. Joseph Kezele studied the sciences and music at the University of Arizona, while earning his B.A. in Russian in 1971, and his M.D. in 1975. He then completed a Pediatric Residency before beginning the practice of Emergency Medicine for 23 years in the Phoenix area, as a diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine and a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He is now retired from the practice of medicine, serves as President of the Arizona Origin Science Association, is Assistant Professor of Biology at Arizona Christian University in Phoenix, and teaches Creation Science Evangelism at Black Mountain Baptist Church. He has also taught Creation Science in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Armenia, Bosnia and Mexico during more than 20 mission trips, in universities, medical schools, seminaries and high schools, and has published a DVD entitled You’ve Come a Long Way Baby! – The Transition from Prenatal to Postnatal Circulation. Nominated for “Honorable Mention” on the Creation Science Hall of Fame Website. Submitted to CSHF by the Board of Directors of the Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA).
  41. Kline, Otis E. is the president of FACT – Foundation Advancing Creation Truth. Otis Kline started his career as a banker becoming vice president & trust officer before resigning to pursue many years of entrepreneurial endeavors. From helping to pioneer the Hansen Fossil Research Station in eastern Wyoming in 1995, to becoming president of the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth in 2000, he has pursued a full time calling in creation ministry. Under his leadership the FACT foundation moved to Glendive, Montana where land was acquired for fossil excavations. In 2009 the foundation completed construction of the Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, which is the second largest dinosaur and fossil museum in Montana as well as the largest in the United States to display fossils in the context of biblical creation. With fossil excavation experience since 1991, he has been the lead excavator on a fully articulated Thescelosaurus garbani and he and his team recently completed excavating a large Ceratopsian dinosaur having skeletal features new to paleontology. For more information, visit www.creationtruth.org. Nominated by Mary Florence Stephen.
  42. Kulikovsky, Andrew S. has a B.App.Sc.(Hons) in Computer and Information Science from the University of South Australia, a LL.B. from Deakin University Law School, and a M.A. in Biblical Studies and Theology from Louisiana Baptist University. He has published numerous articles and book reviews in Journal of Creation, Creation Research Society Quarterly, and Evangelical Action, and is the author of Creation, Fall, Restoration: A Biblical Theology of Creation (Mentor Press). He has also spoken at various Christian worldview conferences, giving talks on Bible and science, law, and economics. Andrew has been married to Debby for 18 years and has a 12 year old son named Jordan. See (www.kulikovskyonline.net for more information. Nominated by Joseph Stephen (Director CSHF)
  43. Lammerts, Walter was the scientist who bred the world-renowned Queen Elizabeth rose. He was an original founder of the Creation Research Society. Nominated by CSHF.
  44. Leslie, John PhD, He writes, thank you and Dr Bergman for the impressive website, “Creation Science Hall of Fame”. Thank you also for including me on it. I have been a Christian for 38 years and a creationist for about 30 years. I first became aware of the ideas of creation science when doing biomedical research in Australia in the early 1980′s. My thinking was transformed. I wanted to let you know that I have obtained a third doctorate on September 7th 2012. The degree is in “Archaeology and Biblical History”, and is from Trinity Southwest University, Albuquerque, NM. The title is, “Evaluation of the Noah Flood Account as a True Narrative Representation.” At present I have been involved in the dig at Tall el-Hammam in the Jordan Valley. I study the bones. Dr. Collins, the director of the dig, thinks it may be Biblical Sodom-and I think he may be right. As well, I have set up a website where most of my writings regarding creation/evolution, medical ethics, archaeology, and theology/evangelism can be found. It is: www.DefendingtheChristianFaith.org. It includes copies of both dissertations. Another site has a more complete listing of my credentials. It is: http://creationwiki.org/John_Leslie. Again, I want to thank you for your website and your willingness to include me. I also want to thank God for I would never have attempted to do what He has done through me without Him guiding and giving me the strength, and for all the people He sent to help me, esp. my wife. God Bless,Dr John G Leslie. Nominated by Nick Lally
  45. Lounsberry, John F. Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, Toronto RCC.  Graduated 1976 Fiber optics networks: Ryerson Toronto. Completed Bachelors in Theology Graduated 2008,  CCCS Cornwall. Post graduate course in Geology 2009, St. Lawrence Cornwall, Pastoral course for Wesleyan 2013, Brockville. Electronic Engineering with AB group, Toronto. Technical High school teacher (Elgin School Board) & (St Joseph’s Secondary) Application Engineer AVERY International, Montreal. Employed as Industrial Engineer & Laboratory Analyst (Specialist in spectrum analyst) In the Year 2000 became a spirit filled Christian. Research began on rethinking life’s origin and personal re-education. Author of 4 virtual books on Creation Science 2000 -2006. Operated E-publishing Company:  www.TheEdenFactor.com 2003 -2007.  Lectures on Intelligent Design and Young Earth Geology in Ontario Canada. Became member of C.O.R.E. Citizens for Origins Research & Education located in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital. Became an associate with Ian Juby & His Traveling Creation Museum. Speaker at National Conference in Ottawa 2008. Creation Science Owner of Eden Factor Productions: Christian Movie Production. Produced the DVD series: The Court of Truth Series A, re-examination of Dinosaurs, Earths age, fossils and Evolution. Sponsored by Cornwall Wesleyan Church. Conversion of 8th Street section of Horizon School Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. The Creation Science Centre started in 2010 Showing a collection of Scientific proof that God is the creator of the Universe and Life on Earth. Noah’s Flood proof. This is a true Science Centre presenting Scientifically supported evidence Verifying Biblical scripture as the origin of humanity. Nominated by Vladimir Vasilenko
  46. Macreadie, Ian (Molecular Biologist and Microbiologist) Author of more than 60 research papers, he is a Principal Research Scientist at the Biomolecular Research Institute of Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), and national secretary of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In 1997 he was part of a team which won the CSIRO’s top prize, the Chairman’s Medal. In 1995 he won the Australian Society for Microbiology’s top award, for outstanding contributions to research. Nominated by CSHF.
  47. Malone, Bruce spent 27 years working as a research leader for the Dow Chemical Corporation, has a degree chemical engineering, and is responsible for key innovations which have resulted in 18 patents. But his passion is sharing the relevance and evidence for creation, so he retired early to become full time Director of Search for the Truth Ministries. Bruce has spoken extensively at Colleges and Charities on four continents. Bruce brings science alive through stories and demonstrations, showing that Biblical creation is the most rational explanation for the world around us. The purpose of both his books and lectures is to help the non-scientific layman understand the importance of creation while motivating and equipping them to share these truths. Bruce resides in Midland, MI with his wife Robin, and they have four children who are all actively serving Lord. www.searchforthetruth.net , Nominated by CSHF
  48. Mcintosh, Andy holds an emeritus chair in Thermodynamics and Combustion Theory at the University of Leeds, UK, and has lectured and researched in these fields for over 20 years. He has a Ph.D. in Combustion Theory from Cranfield University and a D.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Wales. A chartered mathematician and engineer and author of over 180 papers and articles, his research received the prestigious 2010 Times Higher Educational Award for Outstanding  Contribution to Innovation and Technology. Dr. McIntosh became a Christian in 1969 and is committed to a belief in the Biblical Creation account, maintaining that Genesis is crucial to our understanding of the Gospel. He has authored the book “Genesis for Today” (Day One, 4th Edition, 2010), contributed to the books “In Six Days” (Master Books, 2009) and “Should Christians Embrace Evolution?” (IVP, 2009), and has appeared on a number of TV and radio programs. He delights to present the scientific evidence for Creation and passionately believes that there is no excuse for scientific minds not to accept the truth of Creation. Nominated by Matt Rosso.
  49. Martin, Jobe is a native of Bloomsburg, PA, was a biology major at Bucknell University and a 1966 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Dental School. After spending two years in the Air Force where he was the dentist for the Presidential flight crew of Air Force One, he established a private dental practice at NASA in Houston. Jobe and his wife, Jenna Dee, moved to Dallas in 1971 when he assumed a teaching post at Baylor University’s College of Dentistry. In 1982, he made the decision to enroll in the Th.M. program at Dallas Theological Seminary after which time Jobe and Jenna Dee founded their creation discipleship ministry, Biblical Discipleship Ministries. Dr. Martin graduated in 1986 with a Masters of Theology in Systematic Theology, and has also obtained an Associates Degree in Business from Eastfield Community College in Dallas. He is the featured speaker on the three part DVD series, Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution as well as the recently released Creation Proclaims DVD series. He has written the book The Evolution of a Creationist which also has an accompanying four part DVD study course by the same name. Jobe’s wife Jenna Dee is a retired R.N and ministers to ladies’ groups and does counseling with women. The Martins have two daughters, Taryn and Mirren, who were home-schooled for 12 years. Both are graduates of Pensacola Christian College with degrees in Elementary Education. Taryn and Mirren have also received Ph.D.’s in history, work with their parents in the ministry, and conduct seminars for young ladies. When they are not travelling in ministry, the Martin family resides in Rockwall, Texas. http://biblicaldiscipleship.org/ Nominated by Joe Stephen, Director, CSHF.
  50. Moore, John N. was one of the original founders of the Creation Research Society, and a former managing editor of the Creation Research Society Quarterly. He edited the first creationist textbook Biology: A Search For Order in Complexity. He team taught a Natural Science course at Michigan State University with an evolutionist. Another publication: How To Teach Origins (Without ACLU Interference), (Mott Media, 1983). Nominated by CSHF.
  51. Morris, John is now the director of the Institute For Creation Research. A geologist, he is noted for his many expeditions to Mount Ararat in search for Noah’s Ark. Nominated by CSHF.
  52. Morris III. Henry M. Bible, Apologetics, Worldview. Chief Executive Officer, ICR. Nominated by CSHF.
  53. Miller, Russ Gave away his nationwide business to go into full time ministry. Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries is based out of Flagstaff, AZ, where he has made such a powerful impact on NAU that they have featured him several times in their school pager, “The Lumber Jack”, and have designed a class to attack him and his message specifically. He tours all over the country with his wife, Joanna, giving his 13 presentations to churches, schools and conferences, and has written 5 books on creation science issues as well as developing 2 coloring books. Russ also leads biblically-based Grand Canyon river raft trips and, along with Joanna, Grand Canyon and Grand Staircase Christian bus tours. Russ Miller Founder of Creation Evolution Science Ministries (CESM) which shares Godly edifying, life changing information thru dynamic presentations. Russ has written several books, the latest is Its a Matter of Time. and has produced multiple DVDs on Creation Science topics as well. www.creationministries.org Nominated by David McNabb, rep. of Yavapai Co. Div. of Az. Origin Science Assoc.
  54. Nelson, Vance is the director of Creation Truth Ministries. He holds two earned degrees. He earned a theology degree from Taylor University College in 1997 (Bachelor of Religion with a specialization in Christian ministry). Vance then went on to earn a Biology degree in 2002. Since 2002 Vance has been researching, speaking and writing full-time. Vance spends much of his time doing original research in areas such as paleontology, geology and archaeology. He has a real love for studying God’s Word and God’s World. Vance has been on television and radio in Canada, the United States and the U.K. Creation Truth Ministries is dedicated to defending the authority of the Bible starting in Genesis. Creation Truth Ministries is a Christian ministry that seeks to enable believers to defend their faith in an increasingly secular age. See http://creationtruthministries.org/ for more information on CTM. Vance is the author of Untold Secrets of Planet Earth www.untoldsecretsofplanetearth.com/ which explores the history of dragons and their connections to dinosaurs. What you thought you knew will be challenged! Nominated by Caleb Stephen.
  55. Parker, Gary Biologist. Along with his wife, Mary—was with Answers in Genesis as senior lecturer since AiG’s first year (1994, and remained full-time until 1999). Dr. Parker was also the head of the science department at Clearwater Christian College (CCC) in Florida. For twelve years, he served on the science faculty of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) in the San Diego area. Dr. Parker began his teaching career as a non-Christian and evolutionist. Dr. Parker earned several academic awards, including admission to Phi Beta Kappa (the national scholastic honorary), election to the American Society of Zoologists (for his research on tadpoles), and a fifteen-month fellowship award from the National Science Foundation. He has published five programmed textbooks in biology and six books in creation science which have been translated into eight languages. He has appeared in numerous films and television programs, and has lectured worldwide on creation. Nominated by CSHF.
  56. Patton, Don Geologist. Participated in dinosaur excavations in Wyoming, Colorado, Texas and Canada. Supervised the longest excavation of the longest consecutive dinosaur trail on the American continent. Along with Dr. Dennis Swift, discovered a stone carving of a dinosaur (Stegosaurus) on the outer wall of a Cambodian temple. Dr Patton climbed Mt. Ararat, looking for Noah’s Ark in 2008, 2009 and twice in 2010. Nominated by CSHF.
  57. Pearce, George and Christine George is longtime president of the Creation Science Association of British Columbia in B.C., Canada. Both George and his wife Christine have worked tirelessly in bringing YEC toChristians and non-Christians alike in many ways for many years. They have been facilitating speaking tours for creationist speakers and providing creationist materials to meetings and individuals in the metro Vancouver area for many years. It is with great pleasure that I nominate these two dedicated creationist Christians for Honorable Mention in the Creation Hall of Fame. Sincerely in Christ, Kenneth Lawrence
  58. Pendleton, John Serving Christ since 1966, Pendleton sought ways to bring more and more people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, focusing on witnessing in Latin America. Over time, he came to believe that the theory of evolution and its accompanying denial of the accuracy of the Bible were the primary obstacles many people faced when accepting Christ as savior. From 1992 to 1998, Pendleton studied evolution, creation, the age of the Earth, dinosaurs, science and the Bible in depth until he was prepared to tackle evolution head-on. John and his family moved to Mexico over 25 years ago as missionaries where he discovered that his most effective tool to introduce the Gospel was the use of creation science. Challenging evolution is allowed in Latin America and John has become the Hispanic creation scientist. He has 20 or more videos of creation lectures in English and Spanish and has traveled to several Central and South American countries with the creation apologetics message, even to Cuba. He has a website in English and Spanish. To learn more of his mission, visit: http://www.creacionistas.com/EnglishSite.html Nominated by Carl Williams.
  59. Philip, Johnson C. is a Christian apologist. He was born 1954-04-03 in Kerala, India, and raised in Kerala, Chennai, Kota (Rajasthan) and Gwalior. Philip developed an interest in books, science and evolution in particular. However, as he studied evolution, he thought it difficult to resolve many of the evolutionary theories and explanation with empirical observations. He developed an interest in creation science, and since devoted his efforts to Christian apologetics and creationism. His degrees include:
    • BSc, Physics, 1976
    • MSc, Physics, 1978
    • MTh, 1981
    • ThD, 1984
    • PhD, Physics, 1991
    • DSc, Alternative medicine, 2003
    • DNYS, 2004.

    Since 1978 he has been a prolific writer, and has published more than 50 books and 2500 articles in 6 languages in the fields of theology, apologetics, counseling, and communication. He has also published several research papers in apologetics and information technology as applied to libraries in India. Information taken from: http://creationwiki.org/Johnson_C._Philip. Nominated by Christian Thought.

  60. Phillips, Doug is from Vision Forum Ministries who has promoted Creation in much of his material and made an excellent film called the Mysterious Islands, a documentary on the Gallapogus Islands for Darwin’s 150th anniversary. His God honoring documentary was striking and powerful. The Vision Forum, Inc. Attn: Product Review, 4719 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78212 http://www.visionforumministries.org/ Nominated by Joe Stephen.
  61. Pogge, R. David "Do-While Jones" writes and speaks about software development in general, and about the Ada programming language in particular. This page lists his books, lectures,magazine articles, and CD-ROMs. He also writes the feature articles for the Science Against Evolution newsletter.In 1971, Do-While Jones received the degree of Bachelor of Science (with distinction) in Electrical Engineering, from a midwestern university better known for its football team than its engineering school. Since graduation he has been employed in the defense industry of a well-known free-world nation. During the course of that employment he was granted a patent for a radar signal processing algorithm. He began his career in analog circuit design, but shifted to digital circuit design when he discovered it was easier to design digital circuits than analog circuits. Some of the digital circuits he designed were microcomputers, which he programmed in assembly language.He switched to full-time software design when he discovered programming computers was easier than building them. He then transferred to an organization that was planning a large software project because thinking about programming is easier than programming. Then he began lecturing about software engineering in general, and the Ada programming language in particular, because talking is much easier than thinking. He is now retired, doing nothing, because nothing is easier than talking.Do-While is best known as the anonymous (?) author of The Breakfast Food Cooker, which has been widely circulated on the Internet. In 1996, Dave helped found a California non-profit public benefit corporation called Science Against Evolution, of which he is currently the president. Dave helped write the "Draft Guidelines for Common Real-Time Graphics Environment" for the Range Commanders Council in December of 1992. In 1993, the Naval Air Warfare Center's Deputy Commander asked him to participate in the Software Process Improvement Initiative. In 1994 he was selected to be a member of the Data Systems Technology Team to study commonality between the Electronic Combat Range, the China Lake North Range, and the Pt. Mugu Test Range. From January 8, 2005, until it moved to Van Nuys on January 16, 2010, he volunteered at Ridgecrest's Biblical Archeology and Anthropology Museum (BAAM), and maintained the museum's web site. Dave retired on February 28, 2005, after nearly 34 years of Federal service. Here is Dave's page: http://www.scienceagainstevolution.info/pogge.htm His ministry page is: http://scienceagainstevolution.info/index.shtml Nominated by Karl Priest
  62. Priest, Karl is a retired educator. For the last five years of his full-time career, with the full knowledge of State, County, and ACLU officials, he demonstrated to his students that evolutionism is nonsense. Evolutionists have called Karl a liar, buffoon, stooge, idiot, and nutcase. Anonymous letters and phone calls were placed to his colleagues and administrators attempting to ruin him professionally. A prominent liberal tried to use her power and connections with the board of education to silence him. He was even threatened with arrest. Accounts of his battles can be found at http://www.insectman.us/testimony/testimony.htm. Karl says that evolutionists are bluffing when they say their beliefs are scientific. Karl now is known as “The Insectman” and presents “Insects: Incredible and Inspirational” at churches and organizations. For information about the presentation and the creation of insects see his website at http://www.insectman.us/. Nominated by Nick Lally.
  63. Romo, Daniel is a chemistry professor at Texas A&M University and is listed as a “Darwin Skeptic” on the Creation Science Hall of Fame website. He participated in the Texas text books reviews. Nominated by the CSHF
  64. Ross, Rev. Peter J. II is a graduate of Calvin Theological Seminary receiving a Master of Divinity degree. He also has received two Bachelor degrees from William Paterson University, in the fields of Education and History. Currently he serves as the Administrative Assistant in the Music and Creative Arts Dept. of Calvary Temple Assemblies of God church of Wayne and as a guest lecturer at several Private and Home school facilities across Northern New Jersey. A former Middle School History and Science Teacher, Rev. Peter has taught the Creationist model of Science for 18 years in New Jersey and Michigan. Through the grace of God he has participated at many Archeological and Paleontological dig sites in 74 countries across 6 continents. Most notably, these digs have allowed him to bring many unique finds back to the United States, and these finds can be seen at institutions in New Jersey, Michigan and Kentucky. Rev. Peter often uses the finds in hands on presentation, allowing the handiwork of our Loving Creator to be seen up close and personal. Nominated by Nick Lally
  65. Salanitri, RoseAnn is a court reporter by trade and a former Christian bookstore owner. She has devoted the last 13 years of her life to various ministries, which include teaching the Word of God, founding Veritas Christian Academy, and co-founding Creation Science Alive…currently called, Sussex County Creation Science Club, a ministry of Sparta Evangelical Free Church. Her recent accomplishments include publishing her creation science book entitled Guts All Tied Up With Strings – The Key to Understanding the Creation of the Universe. She also serves on the Leadership Council for The New Jersey Family Policy Council, an affiliate of Focus on the Family, and started the Sussex County Tea Party. RoseAnn lives in Sussex County with her husband, Ron, and her son, David. Mrs. Salanitri became interested in presenting creation science information to the youth and adults of the New Jersey and New York area after hearing an alarming statistic from a poll done by Barna Research. Barna reported that 70% of students who enter public high school and college as Christians plan to leave the church upon graduation as a direct result of evolutionary teachings. RoseAnn, in an effort to fulfill her calling to teach the truth, Co- formed with Nick Lally, Chairman, Board of Directors, Creation Science Hall of Fame, the Sussex County Creation Science Club. This organization was founded out of a commitment to bringing the Genesis account of creation along with its supporting evidence to churches and interested groups across America. Nominated by Pastor Fredrick Boyd of Indianapolis, Indiana.
  66. Sanford, John Geneticist. Nominated by David Plaisted
  67. Sarfati, Jonathan Ph.D. is a Creationist scientist and author, and master chess player from New Zealand and Australia. He is affiliated with Creation Ministries International Nominated by Bob Enyart and CSHF.
  68. Satterfield, Barry Speed of light. Has done much work connecting scientific facts to the biblical chronicles. Together with some brethren we have a Flemish Creation Web site, www.creabel.org and we serve in the Flemish part of Belgium. The work of Setterfield has helped us a lot with connecting the first three days of creation with scientific possible events. Also see www.setterfield.org. Nominated by David Plaisted and Rudi Meekers
  69. Setzer, Jeff and Heather have served as “missionaries to young people” using music, media, and the message of God’s creation to turn hearts to Him as Creator and Redeemer since 2000. Through Creation Family Ministries (http://CreationFamilyMinistries.org) they present truths about dinosaurs and a host of other subjects in settings such as vacation Bible schools, fairs, conferences, special Sundays, and revival meetings. Their use of five different themes(“Dino Might,” “Mountain Mysteries,” “Secrets of the Sea,” “Wilderness Wonders,” and “Jungle Tales”) serves to pique the interest of all ages in God and His handiwork…using verses such as John 3:12 “If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? The Setzers are from Hickory, NC and are sent by Tabernacle Baptist Church (http://TabernacleBaptistChurch.com). Nominated by Nick Lally, Chairman, Board of Directors, CSHF.
  70. Sherwin, Frank B.S. Biology, M.S., Zoology A former college instructor, Frank is now a speaker as well as an author and co-author of ICR Acts & Facts articles and several books. He was co-author for the book, The Human Body: An Intelligent Design and author of The Ocean Book. Frank Sherwin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Western State College, Gunnison, Colorado, in 1978. After several years as an Emergency Medical Technician for a municipal fire department, he attended graduate school at the University of Northern Colorado where he studied under one of the foremost parasitologists in America. In 1985, Frank obtained a Master’s Degree in Zoology and published his research in the Journal of Parasitology. From 1987 to 1996, Frank taught a variety of biology, nursing, and premedical courses at Pensacola Christian College. Frank left PCC to engage in creation ministry full time, a vocation in which he has been actively participating in through seminars, debates, and radio broadcasts since 1979. Frank Sherwin and his wife, Jan, reside in the Dallas area. He and Jan have three daughters and a son. Frank is on staff full time at the Institute for Creation Science, and may be contacted at fsherwin [at] ICR.org. Nominated for “Honorable Mention” on the Creation Science Hall of Fame Website. Submitted to CSHF by the Board of Direectors of the Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA).
  71. Spears, Joe realized the value of creation science after attending a seminar in Raleigh, NC. There he found out about the local creation group, TASC (Triangle Association for the Science of Creation). He began attending TASC meetings, eventually becoming a member of their board, their webmaster, and chairman. He has written several articles which can be found on the TASC website (http://tasc-creationscience.org) and in some TASC newsletters (which are archived on the site). He has a BS and MS in engineering and has taught technical college courses. Nominated by Nick Lally
  72. Smith, Arthur E. Wilder (The late) 3 doctorates and a 3-star NATO General, an honored scientist with an amazing three earned doctorates. He held many distinguished positions. A former Evolutionist, Dr. Wilder-Smith debated various leading scientists on the subject throughout the world. In his opinion, the Evolution model did not fit as well with the established facts of science as did the Creation model of intelligent design. Nominated by CSHF.
  73. Smith, Mike Creation Summit's Founder and President Having two sons of his own, Mike is a born again Christian who's fed up with the public schools and a system that's indoctrinating our children. He's fed up and grieved – Grieved that young Christian students are having their faith dismandled. Grieved that the students are being told they're nothing more than animals. Grieved that the God of creation has been banned from the classroom. "If there was ever a need for Creation Summit," says Mike, "it's now!  These kids need to know their faith isn't religious folklore, but fact. They need to know that true science doesn't contradict the Bible, but confirms it! Haven't the cynics had their way long enough?! It's time we throw down the gauntlet and take 'em to task!" Nominated by the CSHF.
  74. Swift, Dennis Archaeologist, adventurer, and Pastor. Dr Swift is an active creation science researcher. He travels to distant lands a few times each year, works with local institutions, and carefully records the existence of interesting artifacts. Nominated by CSHF.
  75. Taylor, Ian is the director of the Bible-Science Association. His book In The Minds of Men is one of the best presentations of the creation-evolution issue from a historical perspective. Nominated by CSHF and by Lu Ann Strombeck, Chief Operating Officer Creation Moments.
  76. Taylor, Joe He is founder, director and curator of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum. Joe knew that Creationists had the truth, but they just didn’t have any bones. In 1988 he started to work for Baylor U. on the Mammoth Sudden Death site at Waco, Texas. Eventually he made three of the four largest molds of dinosaur tracks ever found in the ground, the famous “Stan Taylor Trail” with Don Patton and Carl Baugh. Joe said, “The Taylor Trail mold is the longest mold ever made of in-situ dinosaur/man tracks to date. My three molds at the Waco Sudden Death Site are the three largest molds of fossil in-situ skeletons to date – 2012.” Nominated by Karl Priest.
  77. Taylor, Paul is director of Films for Christ, Eden Communications, and is an author of several books and films, including The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible. Nominated by CSHF.
  78. Tisdall, Laurence is among other things a Master of Science graduate in micropropagation from McGill university, Montreal . He has published several scientific articles in peer reviewed journals, such as HortScience. His studies on the creation-evolution debate have since led him to several international conferences and to become the founder (in 1990) and president of the French creation science organization: The Creation Science Association of Quebec / L’Association de Science Créationniste du Quebec (CSAQ/ASCQ). He has spoken in more than 17 debates and has presented 1000+ conferences to church congregations, many universities and CEGEPs as well as Christian and secular schools in Noth America and Europe. He has also been involved in many radio and television broadcasts (such as 100 Huntley Street, The Creation Network, The Prophecy Club, etc) in Quebec and Ontario and throughout the US. He is Canada’s and maybe the world’s only French speaking creationist speaker and debater. He has never lost a debate because of his ability to use evolutionists own research against them! A focussed and articulate speaker he has a gift of penetrating to the heart of the matter and illuminating the anomalies and shoddy thinking behind evolutionary presuppositions. www.creationnisme.com Nominated by the Rev. George A. Desjardins BA MA OCT Secretary, CORE Ottawa
  79. Trotter, Ide is a longtime standard-bearer for the creationist movement in Texas, both as a source of funding and as a spokesperson for the absurdly named creationist group Texans for Better Science Education. Trotter, listed as a “Darwin Skeptic” on the Creation Science Hall of Fame website, is a veteran of the evolution wars at the SBOE and is participating the biology review panel meetings this week. He testified before the board during the 2003 biology textbook adoption and again in 2009 during the science curriculum adoption. In both instances, Trotter advocated including scientifically discredited “weaknesses” of evolution in Texas science classrooms. Trotter, who has a doctorate in chemical engineering, runs his own investment management company and served as dean of business and professor of finance at Dallas Baptist University. He claims that major scientific discoveries over last century have actually made evolutionary science harder to defend.
  80. Vail, Tom Lives in Phoenix, AZ and operates Canyon Ministries, which offers Christ-centered white water rafting trips through the Grand Canyon. Tom has been a rafting guide in the Canyon since 1980 and is the author of “The Grand Canyon, A Different View”; and Guidebooks to the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion Canyons, and Yellowstone. Tom and Paula’s message about the Grand Canyon is presented in the DVD, “Does the Grand Canyon support the Word of God”? More can be found out on their website. www.CanyonMinistries.com Nominated for “Honorable Mention” on the Creation Science Hall of Fame Website. Submitted to CSHF by the Board of Direectors of the Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA).
  81. Veith, Walter J. has traveled widely throughout North America and the world presenting his visually documented Amazing Discoveries seminar series to large, enthusiastic crowds. The information presented is based on his in-depth research in the areas of evolution and Creation, health and diet, and Bible prophecy. Professor Walter J. Veith obtained his doctorate in zoology from the University of Cape Town in 1979. He believes that the theory of evolution does not provide a plausible explanation of our origins, and that the geological and paleontological data do not support evolution over long periods of time. He believes that the evidence rather implies catastrophism, which is consistent with the Genesis account. He lectures on this topic in Europe, Africa, and North America. Professor Walter J. Veith, PhD Zoology, is deeply interested in the ecological deterioration of our planet and is convinced that this state of affairs has been predicted in Biblical prophecy. Professor Walter J. Veith is an ardent student of Biblical prophecy. He stands by the veracity of the Bible, which he believes is proved by the science of archaeology as well as the fulfillment of numerous prophecies found in the Bible. He believes that the Bible has a message to modern people. Nominated by Darrell Leamon
  82. Wallace, Timothy His web site: www.trueorigin.org Nominated by David Plaisted.
  83. Werner, Carl graduated from the University of Missouri with distinction in biology (summa cum laude). He received his doctoral degree in medicine at the age of 23 and practices family medicine in St Louis. He, along with his wife, Debbie, traveled to seven countries to visit 60 museums and fossil dig sites and interview fossil experts to author Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol. 1 and Living Fossils; Evolution the Grand Experiment Vol. 2. In his books and DVDs, Dr. Werner documents from the fossil record that hundreds of modern mammals, birds, flowers, trees, etc., are found with dinosaurs. Nominated by Bob Enyart.
  84. White, Richard a systems (network) engineer in Austin, testified at an SBOE hearing on the proposed science curriculum standards on March 25, 2009. At the time, he advocated the inclusion of phony “weaknesses” of evolution in Texas science standards: “…These are all well-known scientific problems with modern evolutionary theory, and they do not exhaust the list. The entire list is a very long one.” White went on in his testimony to insist that teaching the mainstream scientific consensus concerning evolution without also presenting its alleged “weaknesses” amounted to forcing religious dogma on students. We don’t know whether White is participating in the text book review panels this week in Texas.
  85. Willson, Fred and Steve Deckard carry on the work of Dr. Richard Bliss with the Good Science workshops at ICR. Nominated by CSHF.
  86. Zeiger, David is a seventh-grade teacher at a Christian private school in North Texas. He holds a biochemistry degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. In 2009 he and his wife, Heather, opposed removing from the state’s science curriculum standards the requirement that students learn about so-called “weaknesses” of evolution. Creationists have used that requirement to insist that publishers include discredited arguments challenging evolution, such as supposed “gaps” in the fossil record.




James and Helen,
Thank you for your encouragement. Yes, you are right. Giving men and women their 'earthly honor' as we wait for our 'heavenly honor' is something long over due. We do need fireworks and applause for these creationists. They have worked hard honoring God's Word as literally written in Genesis and have been at times, demonized for their beliefs. I say, "Hats off to all of them"! Nick Lally

Small correction in my entry: the Taylor Trail mold is the longest mold ever made of in-situ dinosaur/man tracks to date. My three molds at the Waco Sudden Death Site are the three largest molds of fossil in-situ skeletons to date - 2012.

Thanks for introducing a lttile rationality into this debate.

Joe, I corrected your "Honorable Mention" insertion. See # 48 on list. Thank you for your interest in the CSHF. Please share the CSFH with your base, other Christians, and "home-schoolers". The site encourages, teaches, plants seeds, and demonstrates to the world that Creationists are ready to give an answer. Nick

Dr Philip, thank you for nominating Chris Ashcraft. It was a pleasure listing Chris on the Creation Science Hall of Fame, "Honorable Mention" page. Please keep in touch and help circulate the CSHF to Christian Home Schooled organizations, educators, and friends. Nick Lally, Chairman, Board of Directors, CSHF.