Nick Lally

Nick LallyRetired Director, and Founder of Creation Science Hall of Fame

Nick has a BA in Education, and Health & Physical Education with 30 credits towards his masters in Administration and Supervision.  After carefully researching and discovering the many fakes, frauds, and misinformation detailed in the textbooks he used as part of his curriculum, Mr. Lally now embraces the creationists view.  His particular area of interest lies in the discipline of anthropology where hominids are still represented as human ancestors. His further study of evolutionary precepts that revealed great leaps of faith in the absence of evidence rather than the impartial compilation of data, as he presupposed, fueled his passion for teaching the truth. As a consequence of his love of the truth, since 2001, Mr. Lally has given passionate and informative presentations from a unique point of view. As co-founder of Creation Science Alive, a ministry that distributes creation science newsletters to a wide database, Mr. Lally concentrates on broadcasting the evidences for special creation encouraging respect for those who believe what they read in textbooks.  His experience has brought him to the realization that both evolutionists and creationists look at the same evidence but come to different conclusions based on their world view.  He believes that this bias dictates one's presupposition of the existence of God, which in turn strongly influences how one views the world around them.

It is not a matter of science verses religion, but the religion of atheism verses the belief in God.

In 2009 Nick founded the Creation Science Hall of Fame. He says he wants to honor those who honored God's Word as literally written in Genesis.



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