Water deep in mantle? Not so fast



"Second, the mineral could as easily have formed during the “compression event” during the breakout of the subcrustal ocean that gave us the Global Flood."

What compression event? According to Brown the underground reservoirs were under great pressure presumably because of the weight of the overlying rock. How come such a relatively thin skin of rock managed to withstand the enormous tidal forces of the moon acting on the underlying water is not explained .

Once the water had risen above the rock then the rock layer somehow replaced the water with the water now standing above it. So, before the flood we have water + rock and then afterwards we have rock + water. The pressure on the basal layer below the water and rock skin would thus have remained the same or, indeed less if we take account of the water which somehow through some mysterious unknown process managed to blast its way heavenwards to Mars and the asteroid belt as also claimed by Brown.

I would ask Brown to explain his hypothesis further but, unlike real scientists, he doesn't enter into discussion.

The compression event happened to the hydroplates as they settled, hard, on the floor of what had once been a subcrustal ocean. If you read further down on the page I linked, you'll see it.

And you know the terms he has laid down for a debate. You can read them as well as anyone.