Genesis 1 in Hebrew Text (Part 3)

Let’s review our study of Genesis: On Day 1 God starts out with a mass of water of unknown size, encases it with His Spirit, & then ‘vibrates’ completely around it, which in turn causes the water to heat up. So what would you expect to happen next? Then He says, “Let there be light” and there is light. He then spins it in a complete circle in the same amount of time as a 24 hour Shabbat (starts Friday at sunset & is completed Saturday at sunset, Exodus 20:11).

On Day 2, as He begins the 2nd spin of this mass of water, it goes outwards from the center, stretching out to form the whole Universe. Keep in mind that King Solomon said that even the highest heavens cannot contain God, 1 Kings 8:27 & 2 Ch 2:6. At the edge of the Universe there are 2 bodies of water holding it in place. At the beginning of Day 3 somewhere in the center of the Universe is ‘residue’ water still spinning at the speed of a 24 hour Shabbat cycle. God then takes that water and forms the earth and then covers it with plants. Can God do that in one day? How big is God? By comparison, a parent can make a doll house or some other kind of environment for their kids to play with in a short amount of time. God made us in His image and gave us the simple things in our lives in order to help us understand His ways.

Genesis: Formation of The Earth

Now let’s just focus on the formation of the earth itself.

On Day One the earth was part of the whole body of water that contained the universe.

On Day 2 He separates 2 waters below the Raqia/Outer Space during the second spin.

On Day 3 He commands those 2 waters to bind together in one place and appears the dry land.

And it exists!

Genesis 1:9

‘echad’ is also used for a husband & wife becoming ‘one’ flesh. The idea is that they are distinctly different from each other, but they work together as one unit. The same word is also used in the Shamah where it says ‘Here O Israel, the LORD our God is one LORD’ (Deut 6:4.) or ‘the LORD alone’… Like this…‘Sh’ma Yisrael, ADONI Elohaynu, ADONI echad’

Genesis 1:9b

2 Peter 3:5 says that the earth was standing out of the water & in the water.

In order for a thing to ‘stand’, it has to have some sort of ‘legs’.


1 Samuel 2:8 says that ‘the inhabited part of the globe’ [root meaning of ‘world’] is set on

pillars/columns. Those ‘legs’ are standing in the water underneath the land.

Day 3/3rd spin cycle is when God laid the foundations of the earth (Job 38:4).

As the 3rd spin cycle began, the core of the earth formed, overlaid by the two waters mated together by a 10 mile thick granite that stood on legs/pillars in the lower body of water & supported an upper body of water. I’m convinced that Dr Walt Brown’s research is the best fit for what the Hebrew Text is saying. He calls it the ‘Hydroplate Theory’.

The following are Dr Walt Brown’s diagrams of what happened. The first picture demonstrates how as the crust formed, it would have been uneven, & the 2nd picture demonstrates how the weight of the upper water would have caused the thicker areas to sink down & form pillars, which in turn forced the land to rise up out of the water (demonstrated in picture 3). The 4th picture is also an illustration of the layout of the pre-flood earth. Keep in mind that the Hebrew Text (Genesis 7:11) says that the waters below the land were greater than the waters resting in shallow lakes & oceans above the land in the pre-flood earth.

Genesis describes dry land appearing in this way.2 Peter 3:5 describes the Genesis land.

For more information see In The Beginning, Compelling Evidence for Creation & the Flood by Walt Brown, Ph.D. You can read it online at

If you look at granite under a very high powered microscope, you’ll find ‘halos’. The ‘halos’ are a gas bubble in a bubble, inside another bubble, inside another bubble around the atom. The 3rd inner ‘bubble’ only has a ‘life’ of 3 minutes. These ‘bubbles’ (called ‘Polonium 218’ halos) are ‘frozen’ in the granite. When God created the granite, it took less than 3 minutes, so the ‘bubbles’ didn’t escape. The halos found in Granite wouldn’t be there if the granite was made out of molten rock. If the rock had been heated when it was created, it would have taken a long time to cool, & the ‘Polonium 218’ halos would have disappeared. Since the granite was made solid, this means that the earth was never molten. If it had been, it would have melted the granite.[For more information go to . See also the book Creation’s Tiny Mystery by Robert V. Gentry, & video ‘Fingerprints of Creation’]

Genesis 1:10How do we know that one body of water was beneath the land while the other was spread out in pockets over the top? The answer is by comparing this with what’s in the Flood chapters. In Genesis 7:11 the Hebrew Text says ‘split/broke-open all fountains deep great ‘.[English is ‘split/broke-open all the fountains of the great deep’.] Scripture explains Scripture. In Genesis Chapter 1:2-5 the Hebrew Text makes it clear that the word ‘deep’ is referring to water in a liquid state, something that is continually moving. The reason why it is called ‘great deep’ in Genesis 7:11 is because it was a larger body of water than the other one above the land. (The Hebrew word for ‘great’ is ‘rabah’. Another example of its use by Moses is in Deuteronomy 7:1,17, & 9:14 where it’s talking about people groups who were more numerous than the Israelites.) It’s also used in Exodus 1:9, Deuteronomy 20:1, Joshua 10:11, & Judges 16:30 where it’s translated as ‘more’. The reason why I am pointing this out is because I’ve heard that some Creationists seem to think that the ‘fountains of the great deep’ in Genesis 7:11 can be translated as ‘fountains of fire’. That notion doesn’t work with the Hebrew Text, and neither does it work with how the Israelites comprehended what Moses was talking about in the days that he was penning it. It also doesn’t work with how Peter and the early church perceived things in 2 Peter 3:5 that says ‘the earth was standing in the water and out of the water’.

Not only that, but it’s apparent that the land separated the two bodies of water because the Hebrew Text also says in Genesis 7:11 that the fountains of the great deep split/broke open (the land). The word for ‘split’ is like an egg being cracked open.

Also notice that there is only one land mass. The word for ‘dry-land’ is singular, and it’s emphatic that it was singular because the Hebrew Text repeats it twice (verses 9 & 10). In the Genesis 1-11 chapters, the ‘principle of 2 witnesses’ is used over and over again to validate geological stuff. Since it is singular, that rules out the theory of Plate Tectonics. There was only one sheet of land and it separated the water underneath it from the water above it.

Maybe you are wondering if the waters above are talking about clouds and air borne water. Well, that idea doesn’t work with the Hebrew Text because when we get to verse 20 the aquatic animals are in both waters.

After this, on the same day, God creates all the different kinds of plants and trees, with all their genetic codes. It didn’t take eons of time. He spoke them into existence. And when He did so, they were mature, and ready to be eaten by all the critters He would be creating on days 5 & 6. The best example of this would be Aaron’s rod that budded with both blossoms and almonds in Numbers 17. Here’s what the Hebrew Text looks like for Genesis 1:11-13:

Genesis 1:11Genesis 1:12-13