Creator of space and time


The more I pursue the quest of scientific knowledge, the more I am humbled by my minuteness compared to the eternal God whose hands of authorship of creation is evident from the macro to the microscopic and to the sub atomic world.
Dr. Leow Atomic Chuan Tse
MD (Doctor of Medicine); PhD (Toxicology); B.Agr.Sc (Hons); Dip.Ed.; Grad.Dip.CS (1st Class Hons); MDiv (1st Class Hons)

Thank you, Roseann, for a well thought out article. I have for some time understood that God literally had to be outside of time, and had to have created time. Is it not related to the Law of Entropy? I saw an article a couple of years ago in which some scientists postulated that our universe and everything in it is actually a giant "computer simulation." This may not be literally true, but it could be a very good analogy. The Bible very clearly states that everything had a beginning (of time) and will have an ending. I believe it.

In trying to look at it in a simple way, I liken it to a movie. The creator of that movie knows everything about its characters, settings, etc. from beginning to end, and is its director. When I see where I myself fit in, it makes me very thankful to my Director, the eternal God, for the role he has given me personally. It is a supporting role, to be sure, but I have been blessed by a role that has given me the understanding of how God has a "script" for me in His great plan.

You are right on the money on this!