Creation: important to Christians


I found it a bit comical that you are trying to discredit the whole of evolutionary thought based on the two forgeries. It was of course, science, who exposed these two imposteurs as frauds. That's because science is self-correcting. I can't remember the last time the church admitted such a fraud. Was it Josephus and the Testimonial Flavium? Should we discredit all of the Christian religion because of this forgery?
Even IF you could discredit all of evolution(which you can't), it doesn't make creation true. Maybe, hypothetically, there is yet another natural cause. The point is you have to actually PROVE that creation is true. Especially, if you're carrying the creation SCIENCE mantra. You don't win by debunking other explanations.

Two words: Stay tuned. I'm not through yet. This is only the beginning.