Bill Nye, Ken Ham: double default


Several Christian friends of mine thought that Ken Ham did very well; however, I countered that he lost, because he relied on Biblical Creation, and promoted the Gospel, in combatting a so-called science oriented (apparently) atheistic evolutionist in a debate that was supposed to be about science. No wonder the oppostion to Creation being taught in schools! Ken provided more ammo than needed to further that cause! As a founding director of CORE Ottawa (Citizens for Origins Research and Education) for almost 25 years, I have been involved in having Ken Ham, Dr. Brown, and about 2 dozen other Creation speakers across Ontario, Canada. I have personally known Walt Brown for over 30 years, and credit him with totally turning my life and faith around, in the right direction, more than anyone else ever has. With a Masters Degree in engineering, and a "couldn't care less" attitude towards evolution, I changed my mind after hearing him speak at a luncheon, and then speaking with him for hours afterwards.

There are two major universities in Ottawa, but CORE has never been able to find a qualified, in fact more qualified than Bill Nye, opponent for a debate with Dr. Brown.

I remember Walter Brown speaking in a public high school in my home town of Brantford, Ontario, after having signed a letter promising to stick to science, and avoiding religion. Afterwards, the principal wrote a letter thanking him for honoring that promise.

In my somewhat educated opinion, Walter Brown would have "eaten Bill Nye's lunch," except that Walt's stomach probably wouldn't be able to handle it for long. On the other hand, the moderator would have to be unbiased, and the rules of debate followed closely. If Ken Ham actually opted to go first at each step, then that was a stupid mistake.

Barry Birkett

If you recall, Bill Nye asserted that a scientist who discovers something big enough to shift the paradigm would find an open-arms welcome.

Nonsense, Brown told me. He further challenged Bill Nye to assemble a team of experts to engage him in his Written Debate Offer. "I'll show him a hundred paradigm shifts!" he then said.