Creation Leaders Conference

Creation Leaders Conference  Apr.25-29 ✞ Glen Rose, Texas 

The last week of April 2022 - we will host a discount-price
"Creation Leaders Conference & Dig"  --> April 25-29 <--

PLEASE JOIN US! (Conference includes the dinosaur footprints dig and lab work!)

CEM (the "Creation Evidence Museum") is outside of Glen Rose, which is a small town;

we're now (unfortunately) planning for only limited Internet access! 


Glen Rose, Texas, is a small town, about 1.5 hours SW of the Dallas-Ft.Worth area, via highways.

All dinosaur excavation participants must sign a CEM "Waiver of Liability" prior to entering the dig site.
(See the REGISTRATION section (per above) for more info.)

--  Conference & Dig tuition costs - $180/person or $340 for a couple.

We have lowered the price this time, hoping more can attend.  The land is owned separately; the CEM (Creation Evidence Museum) must give some funds to the owners, for every dig participant.  Price also includes your lunches for the entire week.

Except for your personal travel, your lodging and other food costs - this covers the entire week.  Seminar materials including notebook and accessories, complimentary DVDs, a dig t-shirt, lunches each day, and some snacks & beverages.

Only $180 - for the entire week!   (Or $340 per couple.)

CEM NEEDS YOUR:  Name, Email, Phone number - plus funds.

By Check;  mail to:  Creation Evidence Museum,  P.O. Box 309,  Glen Rose, TX. 76043

Credit card;  call:  254-897-3200 (Wed-Sat, between 10AM-4PM)

PayPal account email is:  creation [at]" href="mailto:creation [at]">creation [at]

- Space is limited to about 50 persons total.  Please reserve and pay when you can (by end of March), so that your place will be reserved.

I (Paul) am volunteering to coordinate.  Dr. Carl Baugh, of CEM, is heading this up!

For general questions, you can write to me:  Paul Abramson, paul [at]" href="mailto:paul [at]">paul [at]




Appropriate work clothing.  It will be late April.  Expect either rain or shine, hot or cold, windy, etc.  Good boots or otherwise solid footwear is important.  Also bring a good hat for being out in the Sun.

-- Additionally:

  1. Safety glasses - we will be digging and sometimes breaking through rocks
  2. Work Gloves - they'll get dirty
  3. Boots or other solid footwear - as mentioned above
  4. Small brushes and dust pan - detail work areas need constant cleaning
  5. Hammer - average size (but not every person will need one)
  6. Trowel or Gardening Tools - to help process overburden
  7. Scarf or bandana - that you can wet to help stay cool
  8. Refillable Water Bottle - you will need to drink plenty of fluids
  9. Sun Screen
  10. Insect Repellent
  11. Low Stool or Knee Pads - like used for outdoor gardening projects


   3102 FM 205
Glen Rose, TX 76043
 Tel. 254-897-3200

For budget accommodations - some hotels have suites; these can be shared, for example, by up to 4 persons.

It is suggested that you arrive on Sunday, April 24th, by mid to late afternoon.  You can drive there, or fly in via: DFW, the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport.

Please fill out and sign the CEM "Waiver of Liability" found at CEM Website link provided where you will register. (See REGISTRATION section.)  This form (Waiver of Liability) will need to be downloaded, printed and filled out to bring with you the first morning of your arrival during check-in.  Please have this form filled out ahead of time.  Also please pay the tuition fees, per above, using our PayPal account, calling in with a credit card or sending a check well in advance to our week together to make check-in quick and smooth.


  • Live Oak B&B  --   254-644-7355
  • Holiday Inn Express,  Glen Rose, TX
  • Quality Inn & Suites,  Glen Rose, TX  -- (ad says: from $76)
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites,  Glen Rose, TX  -- (ad says: from $76)
  • Best Western Dinosaur Valley Inn & Suites  -- (ad says: from $80)
  • Cabins & RV Slots,  Glen Rose, TX  --  $65  --  254-396-3453
  • Glen Rose Inn and Suites,  Glen Rose, TX  -- (ad says: from $49) 254-897-2940
  • Comfort Inn & Suites,  Glen Rose, TX  -- (ad says: from $67) 855-849-1513
  •   ...  There are more hotels/motels!

This gives you an idea on prices, at this time.


  • Dinosaur Valley State Park  $25/night  --  512-389-8900 -or- 254-897-4588
      (that's $25 plus $7/person; up to 8 persons per one campsite)
      (one "Texas State Parks Pass" will get ALL a big discount for the week!)
  • Bee Mountain River Camp   $75/night
  • Brookside Camp    $35/night
  • River Rock Camp    $35/night
  • Lake Whitney RV Park
  • Mockingbird Hill RV Park
  • Oak Creek RV Park
  • Cowtown RV Park
  • Oakdale Park --  254-897-3081
  •   ...  There are more area campgrounds!

This gives you an idea on prices, at this time.

There is only one main supermarket in town:

Brookshire's - 607 SW Big Bend Trail, Glen Rose, TX

A variety of restaurants are available, most types of foods.

Granbury, TX - is the nearest large town with major shopping.  It is about 12 miles directly north of Glen Rose.



Carl Baugh - is leading the dig in the mornings (8AM-2PM).  His CEM Museum is the focal point for the week.


An Assistant - will run the working lab at the Creation Evidence Museum (CEM) 3-5PM.  We will see for ourselves if there is indeed SOFT TISSUE inside these (sic) "65 million years" old - dinosaur bones!


Paul Abramson (myself; paul [at]" href="mailto:paul [at]">paul [at] - will coordinate the evening presentations (6:30-8:30PM).  Folks from overseas will be invited to join us via WebEx or Zoom conference calls.


Gary Parker - Senior creation science speaker and author will be available for consultations and ministry advice.


Joe Taylor - Tylosaur skeleton, about 20 feet (6.5 meters) long! will be brought to CEM and installed!!  This is a superb specimen, molded entirely in situ!, a Pre-Flood swimming creature.


Free books and videos will be made available for all participants, plus (separately) some authors may bring a case or two of their books/DVDs to be made available (either free or for sale, as appropriate).


Besides a plethora of "10 minute" speakers, we plan to have one main speaker each evening, with a central in-depth topic:  Gary Parker, Bruce Malone, Brian Thomas, Jim Hoff and Carl Baugh!


John Mackay (from Australia) and Laurence Tisdall (from Canada) will both give us science presentations!