Global flood - peer review

The Global Flood is the worst disaster ever to occur to planet Earth. (And according to one theorist, the Global Flood made the entire Solar System feel its effects.) It is the one disaster worthy of the name cataclysm, the Greek name for it that appears in the New Testament. (From kata- down from, according to, or to connote "tearing down," and the root klyd- that connotes a storm. See, for instance, Euroklydon, or "Eurostorm," the name of the storm that caused the shipwreck involving Paul of Tarsus.)

The uniformitarian community, of course, refuses to acknowledge the Global Flood ever occurred. (And today they would never admit an event on Earth could have an effect in deep space.) The creation community has three distinct theories about the Flood and about conditions on pre-Flood Earth.

Statement by the Chairman concerning this Global Flood Peer Review

Dear Readers, When we started our Peer Review Panel, we asked for volunteers to evaluate the 3 major flood theories. Little did I know that the Lord would have provided the Creation Science Hall of Fame with 7 impressive and skilled panelists:

  • Dr. Terry Hurlbut, Secretary to the PRP.
  • Dr. Ed Boudreaux, Prof. Emeritus, Inorganic & Quantum Chemistry/ Chemical Physics
  • Pam Elder, Hebrew Scholar and Traditional Domestic Engineer
  • Dr. Johnson C. Philip, nuclear physicist (specializing in quantum chromodynamics and hadron models)
  • Dr. David Plaisted, professor of computer science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Dr. Roy Saxman, Associate Pastor at Tidewater Area Christian Fellowship, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Joe Spears, BS, MS (Electrical and Computer Engineering), software and hardware development

Altogether, I can boost an IQ of over 950 points for this particular team and a female Hebrew Scholar! I personally want to thank all of them for their hard work. I found each of them open minded without any prior influences toward any one theory, person or politics. After months of study, they evaluated the 3 major flood theories:

Please read their findings and if you would like to leave a comment, (see below) please feel free to do so.

In Christ serving the Creation Community,


Chairman, Board of Directors

Creation Science Hall of Fame