God’s Water-Marks (Luke & Genesis)

For several months, I have been listening to the ‘Jewish New Testament’ narrated by Jonathan Settel. It was translated by David Stern for the purpose of restoring the Jewishness of the New Testament. For example, instead of saying ‘Jacob’ he says ‘Yă’ăkōv’, and his sons are Re’uven, Shim‘on, Levi, Y’hudah and so on… There are some wonderful insights to be gained from studying the scriptures from that perspective. A couple weeks ago (12/21/2013), just before Christmas, Jewish communities across the globe began the annual reading through the book of Exodus. In our Messianic Jewish Congregation women are also allowed to read from the Torah Scroll, so when Louis asked for volunteers, I got brave and went up to read because I had now become familiar with the Hebrew version of the names, through listening to the cd’s. When I held the Torah Scroll up in the air for the whole congregation to see the writing, my eyes looked down at the patched cinder burn at the bottom of the scroll and to my surprise there was the scribe’s stamped impression embossed into the hide, next to it, signifying that it is a Kosher Torah Scroll (which means that every letter can be clearly read correctly). The only way that the impression can be seen is when the scroll is held up vertical to the light with the shadows outlining the embossment. None of us had ever seen it before, and it was amazing to see! Continue reading

Evangelize Like an Apostle

In today’s multicultural society, sowing the seed, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, can be a challenge. In fact, Barna Research reports the percentage of U.S. adults claiming to be Christian has dropped from 89% in 1989 to 78% in 2009. So how can we effectively evangelize to people who hold to a wide range of beliefs? Continue reading

Announcing CSHOF’s Official Launch

To all creation advocates everywhere: the Creation Science Hall of Fame is now launched. Our blog rests here. Browse the rest of this site for excellent information on our inductees.

The future is now wide-open for Creation Science, Lord willing.

Bookmark this site for new and exciting information, as we induct new creation scientists and other advocates, and remember those who have gone to be with the Lord after advocating for creation before us. See the “resources“, “directory“, “contact“, “donations” and information on your “directors“. Check back weekly as we add new information to the “bar”.

In Christ,

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