Grand Canyon: legal battleground?

Two days ago Dr. Andrew A. Snelling, of Answers in Genesis USA, sued the U.S. Interior Department. He accuses them, and more particularly the National Park Service, of abridging his Constitutional rights. Specifically, he sought to study key features of the Grand Canyon. And the Park Service will not let him. The case arises from a plain case of scientific obscurantism. But this time the evolutionists, not any creationists, are obscuring the facts. Continue reading

Scott Walker on creation

Darwin Day arrived today. That could explain why a London reporter wanted to ask a likely candidate in the 2016 presidential election where he came down on creation v. evolution. The candidate, Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisc.), chose not to answer. That question, and Scott Walker’s choice, speaks volumes about society today. Continue reading

Human evolution attitude survey

At the end of the year, the Pew Research Center published another survey on public attitudes about human evolution. Pew last took this survey in 2009. Pew finds attitudes seemingly little different today from four years ago. But in one key respect, attitudes are changing. Namely: those who stick to evolution on one hand, and creation on the other, now sort themselves as conservatives and liberals, respectively. Continue reading

Are Christians being attacked?

Nick Lally asks: are Christians being attacked?Are Christians being attacked? Definitely, yes, especially just before Christmas attacks have become prevalent. Ken Ham (AIG) and Gary Bates (CMI) made excellent cases for the relatively new phenomena. There are hundreds of missionaries around the world reporting abuses and attacks against Christians and America is not immune to it. Bill O’Reilly made an excellent observation upon pointing out that “Christian Attacks” are on the rise, especially around Christmas. Between the American Civil Liberties Union, the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the American Humanistic Association, the attacks on Christmas has expanded greatly. Jerry Bergman also made excellent observations by pointing out that “academia” attacks Christians all the time. Just read his book, “Slaughter of the Dissidents” and read the numerous attacks on Creationist professors. Continue reading

Without Darwin, wither faith?

Three days ago, Michael Flannery at Evolution News and Views suggested that without Darwin, the worlds of science and faith would look vastly different today. He is correct as far as he goes. But the world without Darwin would not necessarily lack its strife and its sins. It would also have a complacency the world with Darwin now lacks. Continue reading

Evolution – science influencing government

In 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Since then, the terms Evolution and Darwinism have been almost interchangeable. Unfortunately, the book influenced more than the pseudoscience it promoted. (For instance, it actually gave scientific plausibility to racism.) I call it pseudoscience because the concept did not rely on the scientific method. That method includes observation, repeatability, falsification, and prediction. Evolution only looked scientific in nature. Continue reading