Ararat described in Genesis 10 names

In light of the recent symposium held last month in Sirnak, Turkey, which dismisses the claim that Mount Ararat (also known as Agri Dagh) as being the landing place of Noah’s Ark, I am writing this article. I’m not going to address their claims, because when ‘bank tellers continually deal with real money, they can spot counterfeits easily’. So… rather than pointing out the errors, I’ll talk about the Hebrew Text, and the information that the Creator stashed away in the names of people in Genesis 10 for such a time as the one in which we live. His wisdom and foreknowledge and consequent preparations are astounding! Thank You LORD God for the most amazing things that You have stashed away in Your Word!! Continue reading

Genesis 2 in Hebrew text (Part 1)

About those rivers (Genesis 2:10-14)

I originally wrote this article for the Northwest Science Museum, and I’m updating it here for the CSHOF because we are all in this battle together. And you may be wondering what sort of museum is that & what do you mean by “The Northwest”? because if you live in New Jersey, or Indiana, or even California, or New Mexico, or Australia… you may have no idea as to what I am talking about, so let me explain: The Northwest is a group of 4 states, 3 of which are also on the Canadian border. They are the State of Washington (where Mt Saint Helens blew up) and Oregon, both also border the Western Pacific Ocean, and then inland from them is Idaho, and on the other side of Idaho is Montana, where I live. We have some great geological places in Montana! Both Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks are here, and…. the ancient lake bed, which are the remains of “Lake Missoula” that formed the Columbia Gorge, which is the “Northwest Grand Canyon.” The Columbia Gorge goes all the way to the Pacific Ocean and is the border between Oregon and Washington. The Northwest has many other interesting geological features besides these. So what is the Northwest Science Museum? Well… right now we have the contents for the Museum but no building and we are trying to find a spot near Boise, Idaho to set up a permanent location. If the LORD allows us to “set up shop” we will then expound on the marvelous geological features all around us, and how they relate to Creation Science and our amazing Creator. (You can look up the Northwest Science Museum at but the original article for this is on my own website under ‘Brain Pickers’ at

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