John C. Whitcomb

John C. WhitcombDr. John C. Whitcomb has been a professor of Old Testament and theology for nearly 60 years, and is widely recognized as a leading Biblical scholar. He taught at Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Ind., from 1951 to 1990, and gained much recognition for his work on The Genesis Flood (Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company), which he co-authored with Dr. Henry Morris in 1961. This book has been credited as one of the major catalysts for the modern Biblical creationism movement.

Among Dr. Whitcomb’s other published works are The Early Earth and The World That Perished, and commentaries on Esther and Daniel. Additionally, he has authored six widely-circulated comprehensive Bible charts, numerous multi-media slides and more than 100 Biblical and theological articles. Major emphases in his teaching have been Biblical creationism, dispensational theology, premillennial eschatology and presuppositional apologetics.

Dr. Whitcomb now serves as president of Whitcomb Ministries, Inc., and resides in Indianapolis with his wife Norma. They have 6 children, 17 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. His life and ministry may be summed up in this quotation:

I want to be in the full-time business of finding out what God says and telling as many people as I can.


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