Living Inductees

The Creation Science Hall of Fame honors all scientists and other creation advocates, living or dead, who help advance the understanding of God’s creation. In granting membership to living scientists, CSHOF makes no representation, nor makes any attempt to judge, whether any given creation model is correct or not. Nor does CSHOF make any attempt to judge any disputes between and among creation scientists, whether inside or outside the laboratory.

List of Current Living Inductees:

Paul Abramson

Steven Austin

Carl Baugh

Gerald Bergman

Walter T. Brown

Robert Carter

Bob Enyart

Vance Ferrell

Ken Ham

Kent Hovind

Charles Jackson

Ian Juby

Jason Lisle

John Mackay

Joseph Mastropaolo

Russ McGlenn

Mike Riddle

Patrick Roy

Jonathan Sarfati

Barry Setterfield

G. Thomas Sharp

Mike Snavely

Andrew A. Snelling

Gerald Van Dyke

Larry Vardiman

John C. Whitcomb

Carl Wieland

Jay Wile


3 thoughts on “Living Inductees

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  2. This is a wonderful site – and a tremendous resource for me as a homeschool mom who wants to honor the Lord by teaching my children The Truth about creation. I will be sure to tell others about it.

    In terms of inductees, have you considered Dr. Ben Carson? I do not know his views on creation science, but he was just honored in World magazine for his pro-life stance. Might be worth some investigation.

    • Tina, Thank you for recognizing the benefits of the CSHF. The site was designed with “Home-Schoolers” in mind. Not only does it honor our Creationists, but its also a teaching tool.
      If you would like to nominate someone for “Honorable Mention”, please see directions on that particular page of the CSHF web site and email me at
      The criteria for Induction into the CSHF is as follows: “The Hall of Fame seeks men and women who have honored God’s Word as literally written in Genesis and have worked toward that end during their lifetime”.
      Having stated that, we’ll look into Ben Carson as well as others.
      Keep in touch.
      In Christ,
      Nick Lally, Chairman, Board of Directors, Creation Science Hall of Fame

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