Calling all parents

Calling all Parents to return to the home

When it would seem more fulfilling to yonder roam.

To shepherd our children, to nurture their hearts,i

To forsake selfish ambition, is where it starts.


Oh dad you might think that your child’s life is trite,

When he shows you his grasshopper when you come home at night,

When she tells you she found you a pretty flower,

Don’t sigh with impatience for their bed-time hour.


Oh mum you may think that the chores are mundane,

The mess, the tantrums, the bodily pain.

After all, society despises your role,

And the more children you have just takes its toll.


So today no-one has them, or they stop at just one.

We use birth control and murder to ensure they won’t come.

And when they are born, our actions speak clear,

We can’t wait till they’re school-age or can be put in day-care.


Besides, we’re taught that the earth is too full.

And this is instilled when they first get to school.

No wonder they feel unwanted and blame,

And the church thinks no different, we’re mostly the same.


Disintegration of the family is rife today.

With one or both parents often away.

The children are raised by their peers or the state,

And the doctrine of Humanism seals their fate.


On this one thing most Christians agree

  • – It’s a terribly egregious tragedy –

They send out their children to be devoured by wolves,

As they watch them lose their faith in the schools.ii


Most parents will say they just followed the rest.

They don’t stop to consider what might be best.

They’re unaware of God’s command to educate,iii

As they surrender their children to the Humanist state.


When will we learn that seedlings can’t stand

The power of a storm or a blizzard of sand?

Until their roots have grown strong, and deep in God’s Word,

Exposure like this is plainly absurd.


God clearly assigned us the roles to embrace,

A man’s work to provide, his wife’s work in the house.iv

The father as leader, should give clear direction,

His wife as his help meet beneath his protection.v


The home must again become the center of learning,

Teaching children wisdom, character, to be discerning,

That getting a job is a means, not the end,

That family relationships are more important than friends.


Why are we alarmed in our twilight years?

When our children forsake us in favor of peers?

When we’re left to rot in the old folk’s home,

Remember how often we left them alone?


Remember how we sent them away?

To “educate” them in the fads of the day?

Into a system which taught them that life is about “me”,

That nothing else matters, as long as “I’m happy”.


We need reformation in the family sphere,

We need true repentance and godly fear,

Oh parents we must all turn our hearts toward home,vi

Or the next generation will yonder roam.


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