Contributing Writers

In addition to our Directors, the Creation Science Hall of Fame has a cadre of Contributing Writers who write for our Creation News page:

Pam Elder

Pam Elder - The Welder's WifeHas a ministry in Montana call ‘Women’s Resources On Creation Science’ (W-ROCS!). Specialties are teaching Creation Science to other women, and also to the Messianic Jewish Community in the Missoula area, as well as presenting Creation Science Booths at local Fairs.

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Russ Miller

Russ MillerAfter building a successful nationwide firm, Russ Miller gave it away to form Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries. Since then he has authored 5 books, illustrated 2 coloring books, developed CESM’s 14 PowerPoint messages, DVD Study series, website, Grand Canyon & Grand Staircase bus tours, and led several Grand Canyon river rafting adventures.

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