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  1. Excellent! Praise the Lord! This Hall of Fame is something much needed for the Christian community and then for the world in general. I have contemplated making TV dramatized programs of the lives of these great creation (Biblical) scientists. May the Lord continue to guide and prosper your (our) efforts. You may want to see my video #18 about 4 creation scientists: Robert Boyle, Charles Babbage, Matthew Maury and George Washington Carver.

    Today is the best day of our lives! Psalms 118:24

    Chemist John Pendleton (leading creation-science speaker to Latin America)
    — I speak fluent Spanish—

    • He can say what he likes. He has in mind the stereotype of creation advocates ignoring or denying that dinosaurs existed. And he completely misconstrues the origin of radioactivity on earth. I’ve already addressed the first concern on the Creation News page. Walter T. Brown addressed the second.

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