Are We Truly Made Of Stars?

The theory is long debated over the years and a great deal of ink has been spilled over the matter: everyone and everything on this planet contains extremely small star particles dating back from a long time ago. You’ve certainly heard the theory yourself– and where exactly do you stand concerning it, it’s a matter of personal belief.

Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ Saga – We Are All Made Of Star Stuff

However, in the 80s, astronomer Carl Sagan was known for his 13-part TV series called ‘Cosmos’. What made his series so special? He talked about the history of Earth, its evolution, the origin of life, as well as the solar system. During one of these episodes, he made a bold statement: he claimed a part of our being knows we came from the Universe and that we all log to go back where we came from. Moreover, he continued that the cosmos is to be found within us and that we are all made of “star stuff “. As bold and new his claims were, they also summed up the idea according to which we contain carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms, plus other heavy elements, all part of the starts of previous generations that were given birth to 4.5 billion years ago. In other words, we are all made of star dust, according to Chris Impey, professor of astronomy at the University of Arizona.

So Do We Have Special Powers?

Moreover, Impey also said all organic matter that contains carbon was originally created in the stars, with the cosmos being initially made of hydrogen and helium and the carbon having been made afterwards, over billions of years. Does this mean we all have some special powers of some sort connecting us to the universe? Probably not; but it does not mean a locksmith cannot perform wonders for us at the right time – or, better said, at the time of our greatest need. Have you ever locked yourself out of the house by mistake to quickly run down to the store to buy some sugar to finish the cream for the dough you can in the oven? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us one way or another. If you kept your cool and called the guys at, chances are they got to your place in no more than 20 minutes from placing a call to their friendly customer service and they immediately unlocked your door. You got there just in time to prevent a fire from burning your whole house down – so you could say those authorized locksmiths were in fact some supernova stars for you that day!

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