Pastor Fredrick W. Boyd, Jr

Pastor Fredrick W. Boyd JrBorn on August 29, 1946 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Fredrick W. Boyd, Jr. is the eldest son of the late Fredrick Willis Boyd, Sr. and Jeanetta M. Boyd. He and his brother, James, grew up in Indianapolis, where they attended Tech High School. They also attended Second Christian Church which became Light of the World Christian Church. Pastor Boyd received his degree in business administration from Porter College. He was called to preach in 1979 while attending Ravenbrook Widow Baptist Church, under Pastor Rubin Fields, Sr. There he attended Christian Fellowship School of Divinity.

In 1984, Pastor Boyd was called to Zion Unity Baptist Church. He has directed the church to serve outside of its walls, ministering to those incarcerated at the Indiana Women’s Prison, the homeless at the Good News Mission, supporting home and foreign missionaries, and participating in the International Christian Fellowship for Missions. After he retired from 31 years of service to CSXT Railroad, formerly Conrail, in 2006, the ministry of Creation Evidence Expo was begun when he met creationist, Dr. Carl Baugh, in Salt Lake City, Utah. The focus of the Expo has been to permit scientists and theologians to present evidence that supports the biblical truths of creation and counter the theory of evolution. Since its inception, the ministry has sponsored the annual Creation Evidence Expo in Indianapolis, supported scientific and theological creationists across the country, and conducted Expos on the Road throughout Indianapolis, Indiana; across the State of Indiana; and in LaGrange, Kentucky. Other expos have been held in Los Angeles, California and La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Pastor Boyd has been married to Elaine for 30 years, and has two children, Vanessa Washington of Montgomery, Alabama (Rufus) and Fredrick Boyd III.

Pastor Boyd serves as the Pastor of the Creation Science Hall of Fame.


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