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The Gish-Morris-Whitcomb TrophyThe Creation Science Hall of Fame is proud to show the first ever Creation Science Trophy, the Gish-Morris-Whitcomb Award. It will be awarded to a Creationist who has made outstanding contributions to Creation Science in a given year. He will display his award for one year and then pass it along to next years’ winner. It could be awarded to a creation club, organization or an individual.

Current Winner:

For a list of previous winners of the CSHF Trophy, see here.

2014 Walt Brown

The winner for the 2014 year is Dr. Walt Brown for authoring and continuing his book, In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood.

Brown gained recognition of the real reason, above all else, he has been “on the outs” with so many creation scientists and advocates. Early in the debate, Brown openly rejected the Isaac Newton Vail Canopy Theory of the Global Flood. He said the idea of the clouds holding as much water as must have fallen to the earth was simply not reasonable. Sadly, too many of his fellow creationists invested a lot of energy and emotion in the canopy theory. Bob Enyart, of Real Science Radio, said in a new documentary (The Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory) that “Walt Brown took one for the team.”

A finding of the Rosetta-Philae mission to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko vindicated a key prediction of Brown’s theory: that cometary ice, once any rocket probe could analyze it directly, would prove to have at least twice the concentration of deuterium in the oceans of Earth. The Philae lander, before she had to shut down, sent back to Earth results of several analyses of Comet 67P’s ices. Those ices have more than three times the concentration of deuterium in the oceans of earth. This invalidates the notion that comets, falling to earth, delivered the earth’s water. His theory–that a neutron storm raging in the earth’s crust and in the subcrustal ocean chamber, enriched that subcrustal ocean with deuterium. That ocean broke out and diluted itself with the original surface oceans–except for a significant fraction of the earth’s mass (more on that next) that escape into space and formed, among other objects, the comets.

Brown showed more of the courage he showed when he first proposed, some fourteen years ago, that the comets came from earth. The discovery of Dwarf Planet 2012-VP113, and its companionship to Dwarf Planet Sedna, prompted another (secular) astronomer to observe, and comment publicly on, an astonishing finding: that the twelve most prominent Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) have identical arguments of perihelion. That, Dr. Megan Schwamb said flatly, cannot be coincidental. She further said: any theory of the origins of TNOs must reckon with this finding. To paraphrase the late Ian Fleming: once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and the third like observation establishes a significant pattern with which an investigator must reckon. So Brown boldly declared: Trans-Neptunian Objects formed from Global Flood ejecta, as did the asteroids, comets, and meteoroids. Thus as much as three percent of the original mass of Earth escaped Earth’s gravity during the Global Flood. This further testifies to just how violent that event was–and to the miraculous nature of (a) the advance warning God gave to Noah, and (b) the robust design for Noah’s Ark.

These three events clearly establish Walter T. Brown as an active, and bold, investigator of important origins questions. The vindication of his theory (by realization of predictions), and the boldness he continues to show, reflect great credit upon himself, the community of creation investigators, and the Body of Christ.

Description of Trophy

Artist: Artoro Murano, Mexico City University Art Graduate. Commissioned by the Creation Science Hall of Fame.

Height: 21 inches.

The base represents a star to remind us that God created the universe. The secondary base houses a brass plate with the inscription, “Gish-Morris-Whitcomb Award” and “Contributions to Creation Science”

The stem is a 6 sided (hexagon) Each side depicts an engraving representing each day of creation.

The globe on top represents a water covered earth.


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