Contributing Writers

In addition to our Directors, the Creation Science Hall of Fame has a cadre of Contributing Writers who write for our Creation News page:

Ed Boudreaux

Edward Boudreaux PhD is a former Professor of Inorganic and Quantum Chemistry and Chemical Physics at the University of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He earned his B.S. in chemistry at Loyola University and his M.S. and PhD in Chemistry at Tulane University. For more on his life and career, see this biography page at Answers in Genesis.

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Janessa Cooper

Janessa Cooper, Creation Adventureris the Founder and Administrator of Family Truth Ministries: a non-profit organization set up to provide families with conservative Christian materials in education and entertainment. She also Directs, Produces of Coral Island Adventures, An Audio Adventure Series designed to equip the Family with Biblical Principals and Scientific Truths.

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Pam Elder

Pam Elder - The Welder's WifeHas a ministry in Montana call ‘Women’s Resources On Creation Science’ (W-ROCS!). Specialties are teaching Creation Science to other women, and also to the Messianic Jewish Community in the Missoula area, as well as presenting Creation Science Booths at local Fairs.

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Russ Miller

Russ MillerAfter building a successful nationwide firm, Russ Miller gave it away to form Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries. Since then he has authored 5 books, illustrated 2 coloring books, developed CESM’s 14 PowerPoint messages, DVD Study series, website, Grand Canyon & Grand Staircase bus tours, and led several Grand Canyon river rafting adventures.

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Johnson C. Philip, PhD

Johnson C. Philipis a specialist in Quantum-nuclear physics, and has worked on Quark models of Hadrons in Quantum Chromo Dynamics. He is also the senior-most Christian Apologist and Creationist in India. He has earned doctoral degrees in physics, theology, alternative medicine, and biblical archeology, and has trained more than 25,000 people worldwide in apologetics and theology via distance education. He loves to write expository and pedagogical articles in areas of his interest.

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David Plaisted

David Plaistedis a professor of computer science at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He received his B.S. from the University of Chicago in 1970 and his PhD from Stanford in 1976.

He also has taken an active interest in creation science, and maintains this Web page to share his thoughts with the public

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