The Creation Science Hall of Fame occasionally announces contests to challenge those who doubt the creation story, or any part of it, to prove some assertion that contradicts the literal Genesis account. Anyone having a contest to propose may contact the Directors to have the contest listed here.

DISCLAIMER: The Creation Science Hall of Fame is happy to facilitate any contest that anyone might devise.  However, the rules, regulations and the results of any such contest will be the sole responsibility, and at the sole discretion, of the contest organizer. He or she will in all cases act independently of this organization. The Creation Science Hall of Fame shall never be a party to the investors, the judges, or any of the other entities involved in any contest.


4 thoughts on “Contests

  1. Not Religion or Science are correct about creation, the contest will not bring the answers that you are looking for.
    If you think for a minute and look at both theories you will realize that they lack the most important element of the Universal reality… “Understanding”.

    Creation is very simple and somehow easy to understand if you step out of indoctrination by both sides of Human beliefs. It is very logical to think that we have come from a source that we all call God; also we have been taught that we have been made in his image and likeness in other words we have the attributes of our creator; we think, since have been made in the image and likeness of God we conclude that God is like us and therefore has Human attributes and consequently is another being inside this Universe (Heaven) with powers to rule over all humans rewarding the good an punishing the bad, we have even given him names and created religions to worship this manmade God. It can be concluded that we have been created out of a source that we call God, at the same time we have created a God in our own image; in conclusion the God that created us is not the same God that we worship, otherwise there would not be so many religions with so many different Gods.

    Now let’s talk about science and their theory of creation. Man of science can only analyze the universe by the information supplied by the human senses and material reality. It would be impossible for a scientist to explain something that has no relation to anything that is not tangible or known by means of human observation and measuring. Life is attributed to a sequence of millions of millions of events produced by chance or accident, they cannot determine the intelligent purpose behind creation or attribute it to anything other than it just is like that. They cannot explain what happened at the time of the big bang, what was the motivating force that brought the Universe in to existence after this event or explain what is behind electricity and magnetism or the evolution of visual matter in to millions of different species without mistakes or inconsistencies throughout billions of years . They have been able to establish the age of the Universe to about 13.7 billion years ago but they cannot tell you when consciousness and intelligence entered in the first living cell or how the atomic laws started all visual matter contained in the universe and the infinite galaxies that are part of this vast creation. If we keep looking for answers in Religion or science we will never understand the source of our being.

    We have been evolving since the big bang and it can said that God has created itself in to a man and has given him all that he is through infinite loving intelligence. We have not been created by God, we came out of God creative impulses of intelligence and love, Electricity and Magnetism, Father Mother Impulse, Father Mother God, driving force and Bonding force, Divine Intelligent Purpose and Unconditional Divine Love.

    Jesus understood the Universal God and tried to teach to all the freedom and purpose of God, but his mission was unsuccessful and was crucified for it. He did not die for our sins that is just a continuation of the manmade God of the Jews; before the killed animals to please God, now they killed his so called Son.
    Christ is what Jesus became after being Illuminated in the desert , is a state of the soul that he attained, he vibrates close to the infinite Universal Reality where all came out, the source of our being This source is untouchable impenetrable by none, there resides the infinite God . It cannot be explained or understood in human terms we don’t have the senses to understand the concept in this dimension.

    Jesus Christ is omnipresent and ministers this universe he truly is our Savior and is constantly looking out and listening to our prayers and needs.

    The truth shall set you free.

  2. Why would anyone cling to an ancient sumerian legend to explain the origin of everything instead of studying the real thing? From nothing came everything and from the beginning imperceptible variations in the original strata resulted in a world that can hang together, support water, create life from ambitious chemistry. Picture the blinding flash of creation so precise and so intricate that results in precise constants used by physicists to explain why we do not fly apart or explode, for why we can ask the question. Imagine the adaptability built into biology resulting in us. Why fight evolution when you appreciate the beauty and majesty of how it all works.

    Actually you are denying the glory, beauty, majesty, wonder, and awe inspiring reality in preference to a myth. Instead of embracing science and using it to help increase the joy and comfort in this world reality is denied and pollution, destruction, and pain and suffering are increased, often in concert with interests that want to extract and exploit.

    Beware of anyone who speaks of infallibility of human writings – none but God can claim that quality.

    • We “fight evolution,” as you express it, because we see empirical evidence that it didn’t have enough time to proceed. Furthermore, we see evidence as much of sin as of creation. That life is not perfect any longer, cannot have escaped your notice. Sin is the cause of that.

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