Peleg and the Ice Age

Two sons were born to Eber. One was called Peleg, for in his days the world was divided. His brother was called Joktan. Genesis 10:25

As the mountains rose up…

During the Flood when the land slid away from the Mid-Ocean Ridge, it kept going until it met resistance and then buckled into mountains and valleys. As the mountains rose up out of the waters, the valleys were filled to the brim with water and continued to remain that way if their watersheds were blocked off. One such place was Missoula, Montana (near where I live). It became a huge post-Flood lake. In the early spring when the snow is about half way melted, the old shore lines are very distinct,

Missoula, Montana, snow-covered. From Peleg and the Ice Age.Missoula, Montana, after the snow melts. From Peleg and the Ice Age.and when everything is still relatively wet, it gives the impression that the lake might have only recently drained off!

After it became a lake, the watershed that drained out of it (The Clark Fork River) became blocked off as the Ice Sheet grew along the border between Canada & the USA. In turn the water backed up and the water level of Lake Missoula rose until it became massive, rivaling Lake Erie in size. Eventually it broke through one of the fingers of the Ice Sheet near Spokane Washington and all that water burst forth and created the Columbia Gorge [next picture] which is the ‘Grand Canyon’ of the North West that goes all the way to the coast and forms the border between Oregon and Washington.

Columbia Gorge, the Grand Canyon of the Northwest. From Peleg and the Ice Age.The general consensus among Creationists is that the Ice Age reached its glacier maximum at about 500 years after the Flood and took roughly 200 years to melt down afterwards. [See ‘The Great Ice Age’ DVD Hosted By Mike Oard ] That is very close to the amount of time that I have been able to deduct from my own research into the scriptures.

In some places the Ice Sheet was growing during this time while in other places it was receding. It’s my understanding that the reason why is because the earth was still in the process of rolling and the Hebrew Text demonstrates that this was so.

The Himalayan-Tibetan system

I collect and study Ocean Floor Maps. One of my favorites is the 3D map titled ‘World Ocean Floor’ by Bruce C. Heezen & Marie Tharp (produced by Hubbard Scientific). During the Flood, when the land slid away from the Mid Ocean Ridge and crashed into mountains & valleys/ trenches, the Himalayan Mountains became the heaviest part of the earth and because of this the earth began to roll from that point towards the equator. The following pictures will give a visual of what happened. In the 3rd one, as the eye scans across the earth, what is obvious is that the Himalayans stick up like a huge mole on the face of the earth. There is no other land form across the globe that has this much compacted land mass. To add to it, as the Ice Sheet developed, the area behind it would have formed into a massive lake, adding to the weight.

 The Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya chain bumps up like a mole on the earth. From Peleg and the Ice Age.  Tibetan Plateau and Himalayas in closeup. From Peleg and the Ice Age.
 The Tibetan Plateau-Himalaya system standing out on a larger ocean floor map. From Peleg and the Ice Age.

The Earth rolls!

This in turn caused the earth to begin to roll towards the equator. Dr Walt Brown, Ph.D. describes this in detail. See ‘Earth Roll’ at and point 77 & 78 at

For my own personal research on the subject I took an old beat up globe and re-located the Poles so that they would be approximately at the location they would have been in at the end of the Flood before the earth began to roll. Then I took a black marker, held it at 0 degrees and turned the globe in a complete circle in order to draw in where the equator would have been located at that time…. It was a ‘real eye opener’!

Rand McNally world portrait globe, altered to show the rolling of the earth after the Flood. From Peleg and the Ice AgeNotice that the Equator right after the Flood was located approximately along the Canadian USA border. Then it went across the Pacific Ocean and intersected Australia

Before the Flood, the earth's equator intercepted the place where Australia now sits. From Peleg and the Ice Agealong the lower section of the East Coast. From there it transversed between Australia & Antarctica, and then from there it went across the Western Coast of Africa almost at a 50 degree angle from what it is today.

Earth roll globe, showing positions of Ararat and Shinar. From Peleg and the Ice AgeNotice the two tacks: The purple one is the location of Ararat, and the green one is the location of the ‘Land of Shinar’ (Babylon). At that point in time the Land of Shinar was ‘East’ of Ararat. The Scriptures say that when they began to migrate from Ararat & it’s vicinity towards the Land of Shinar, that they were moving towards the East. [Genesis 11:2 NASB & Hebrew Text.] Apparently they began to migrate from the highlands down towards the valley of Shinar when the Ice began to melt in their area. Presently the average range of elevation of those highlands is from about 4,500 to 11,000 feet and the elevation of Shinar/ Babel is about 100 feet above sea level.

Peleg was his name…

Recently while we were working on putting together a Missoula Creation Science Convention to be held at the end of March 2015 [See for details] a friend asked me about the meaning of Peleg’s name.

Thinking about it, in the Hebrew his dad’s name ‘Eber’ means to ‘Overflow’¹ and ‘Peleg’ (pĕlāg) means ‘to be divided (by channels of water)’, and just like all the other names in Genesis 10, they were describing ‘the headlines events’ at the time of their birth. Peleg also has a brother mentioned in scripture whose name in English is ‘Joktan’ (in Hebrew its ‘Yoktan’) which means ‘to diminish’ or ‘to shorten’. They might have been twins as their names go together. So what was going on? ‘Ice melt!’

What their names are describing isn’t going to make sense if you use the Genesis 11 genealogy in the Masoretic Text because apparently the amount of years that each patriarch lived has been changed. Before you shoot me down, please consider the following: The genealogy in Luke 3 that goes all the way back to Adam is quoted by Luke from the Septuagint and not the Masoretic Text. The Septuagint that he quotes from adds 850 years to this genealogy. Before you read the rest of what I am about to say, please read ‘God’s Water-Marks (Luke & Genesis)’ found at the following link

According to the Septuagint:

Arphaxad (Pronounced ‘Ar-pach-shad’ and it means ‘To be set free from all my enemies’) was born 2 years after the Flood, when Shem was 100 years old.

Cainan (metal-worker) was born when Arpachshad was 135

Shelach (to send) was born when Cainan was 130

Eber (to overflow) was born when Shelach was 130

Peleg (& possibly Yoktan) was born when Eber was 134

Reu (friend) was born when Peleg was 130

Serug (Branch) was born when Reu was 132

Nahor (‘snort’ .. like the snort of a horse in battle) was born when Serug was 130

Terah (terrifying wind) was born when Nahor was 179

So if you add up the names to the birth of Eber 2+135+130+130 you get 397 years after the Flood. That would be when the ice began to melt enough to cause lakes to overflow in the part of the globe around Ararat.

It was another 134 years before pieces of land began to be divided by channels of water (which would make the birth of Peleg 531 years after the Flood). This dividing of the land by channels of water continued for the next 339 years, because the Septuagint says that Peleg lived 209 years after he begot Reu. Genesis 10:25 says that in the days of Peleg the earth was divided (meaning by channels of water) so the bulk of the ice apparently finished melting about 870 years after the Flood, causing the lands to be divided by channels of water. A good example of this would be ‘Doggerland’. Although it’s not directly in the Middle East, it’s close by: In the English Channel between England & Eastern Europe they find the remains of ancient camp sites on the sea floor. (See ‘Doggerland’ on the internet.) I have pointed that instance out because there’s accessible research on it. However more locally, the event that Eber’s name is describing may have been the formation of the canyon where Maku is located between Lesser Ararat and Azarbayjan, Iran, and that side of Turkey. It looks like at one time a huge amount of water overflowed and broke through in the location of Maku. It then created a canyon, and then beyond the canyon it cut through the lava flow all the way to the Araxas river. The whole thing can be viewed on ‘Google Earth’. Later as Eber’s sons

The Arabian peninsula. Where were Peleg and Yoktan born?were born Peleg and Yoktan may have also been named after this event.

Archeological evidence shows that they lived in the Araxes valley & the one north of it for a considerable period of time. (see Kura-Araxes pottery/culture on internet.) The ‘Eber’ event may have been motivation for migration! Apparently the Tower of Babel incident happened in the days of Peleg and Joktan . The Hebrew Text gives me at least 2 reasons to think this. In Genesis 11:3 the Hebrew Text says “and they said [every] man to his friend “Come let us make bricks and burn them [thoroughly] until they are ‘white’.” The point here being that the Hebrew Text says ‘man to his friend’. (It also uses the word ‘friend’ in Genesis 11:7) Prior to this period of time everybody was a relative. Then at this point of time the population had become large enough that certain ones became ‘friends’ instead of just cousins. This was apparently something new, a ‘headlines event’. Peleg even names one of his sons ‘Friend’ (Reu).

At some point in time afterwards the LORD confounded the language at Babel and the people left. Apparently around the same time there was some kind of continual earth shaking (probably from a volcano getting ready to erupt) where Joktan was living. (My guess is around Lake Van.) Apparently he packed up his household and began to head ‘East’. His first son is then named ‘Nothing Shaking’ (Almodad). Then he continued on his journey and apparently came to Babel. At that point in time everyone had already abandoned the place. As they left, they took everything with them that was not cemented down. They plucked the place clean! So Joktan named his next two sons (probably twins) ‘To be plucked up like grass’ (Sheleph) and ‘Settlement dies’ (Hazarmaveth). So the Tower of Babel² incident was at least 661 years after the Flood. Why did it take them so long to discover the land of Shinar? Probably lots of ice… the mountains were covered in it!


¹ĕvăĭr rb,[e Eber ‘to overflow’ or ‘to pass over’ (can be water, or mountain pass, or area of land, or transgressions. It’s used for a whole verity of things.) Here it’s talking about a geological event, which would be in keeping with how kids were named during that period of history. When it’s spoken of water, it means ‘to overflow’. It’s used in Isaiah 54:9 which says, “For this is as the waters of Noah unto Me: for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more ‘go over’ the earth”. It’s also translated as an overrunning ‘flood’ in Nahum 1:8. In Psalm 124 it’s used in verses 4 & 5 (verse 4: ‘then the waters had overwhelmed us, the stream had ‘gone over’ our soul’; verse 5: ‘then the proud waters had ‘gone over’ our soul.’) When it’s spoken of an army it means ‘to overwhelm’.

²If you go to Google Earth, the ancient city of Babylon/Babel is at Hillah, about 60 miles south of Baghdad. It looks like the work is progressing on rebuilding the place! Apparently the ruins of the Tower of Babel are still there

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