Am I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

Galatians 4:16

Archeological discoveries have denounced the mythology of mankind’s simple origination from chimps to the current Homo sapiens.

There are many quandaries to the theory of evolution. One, also a thought from Darwin, is that we find no intermediate fossils connecting the evolutionary chain of evolved species! Many laughingly say the entire chain is yet to be coagulated!

There are so many mythological and mysterious alterations within the evolutionary scientific realm of discovery, that finding authentic data concerning ape to man evolutions that proving the idea is impossible!

Due to the false assumptions, miscalculations, and falsehoods found within the scientists’ rank, there have been a lot of discoveries that have been discarded by scientists and proven false:

False Evolutionary Calculations:

  • Human/Chimp DNA are 96 to 98% similar.

  • Discovery of Neanderthal Beings (ape-men)

  • 33% Nonfunctional human organs are “leftovers” from our evolutionary history.

  • Mankind began as a simple ape-like creature and increased in intelligence over ions of time

Disregarded Truths:

  • DNA Similarities do not prove any sort of evolutionary progression. And in all truth, the data to reach this approximation had been selectively chosen to conclude such a high percentage. Evolutionists admit that truthfully approximately 70% of a chimpanzee’s DNA can be observed to “ambiguously align” to human DNA, and there is missing genetic information preventing a possibility of evolutionary advancements. (SEE January 2014 ICR’s Acts&Facts Page 9)

  • Studying Neandertal and Denisovan fossil DNA sequences, they were found to be 99.7 to 100% identical to the modern human!

  • 33% of the human organs claimed to have been “left-overs” have been scientifically proven to be profitable to the body and are vital working organs!

  • Archeological discoveries unearth intelligent design from the beginning of creation, and is avoided.

Other Interesting Chimp and Other Ape Facts:

  • Apes have shallow throats/Man’s deep throat makes allocation for various sound pronunciations.

  • Apes have fewer tract muscles that control the vocal chords than humans.

  • Apes have no control of their mouths and lips.

  • Apes have no area in the brain to process/structure languages.

  • Apes cannot facially express. Humans have around 50 facial muscles, apes only have around 30.

  • Apes cannot touch all of their fingers to their thumbs, as their hands are specifically designed for climbing.

Chimp and man are not as closely related as evolutionists would have you believe.

Chimpanzee. Photo: User Rennett Stowe/Flickr, CC BY 2.0 Generic License

Archeological discoveries have denounced the mythology of mankind’s simple origination from chimps to the current Homo sapiens. Scientists all over the world are unearthing thousands of artifacts and discovering ancient languages more complex than what we have even today!

Creation geneticists are busy in their labs turning the twisted evidence from evolutionary laboratories into truth by considering and studying all the evidence!

With the assumption that man’s intellect was simple and ape-like (living in caves off the fruit of the land knowledgeable how to farm or take care of themselves) for 90.000 years is complete idiocy!

Anyone, influential in the scientific community, should acknowledge that a theory is a set of speculated ideas based upon an assumed estimation, and given plausible authentic evidence in opposition to its origination should be disregarded. The end result: Placing this theory in the round file!

But such actions leaves the consequential result: the loss of a very important position in the scientific community!

Do not be deceived, the truth lies in the fact that evolution is a multimillion dollar industry. Truth is not in the equation!

Make sure you are not confused and blinded by the deceptive hypothetical dogma they are trying to cram down the throats of our families! An unbiased opinion resides in the obvious: Mankind and Apes’ evolutionary progression is CHIMP-ossible!!!!

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  1. It’s been a while since the Creation Adventurer posted an article.I’m excited.

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of facts I didn’t know.Amazing. The facts speak for them self. Already can’t wait for the next post.Good job!

  3. I was just reading an article on Fox “Muse” today about a three year old Lucy. I began looking up the similarity of human genomes and various animals. Interesting data you have there. Do you have a source for the 70% quote of said evolutionists?

    • Hello Pansy!

      Yes here is the information to further your research.
      Dr. Jay Wile helped provide the statistics for this article and you may read his research here:
      And also, may this as well help further your understanding concerning “Lucy” and man to ape evolution by Dr. Dan Biddle and Genesis Apologetics newly released for researchers such as yourself!
      link to

      Adventure for truth! Be shocked at the facts!


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