Philae sees organics on comet

The Philae probe settled into deep sleep in her shaded resting place on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. But before she slept, she sent back information on her most important finding to date. The “atmosphere” (or what passes for one) of the comet holds organic molecules. This finding revives an old debate on how life came to earth. Did life arise on earth? Or did comets bring it to earth? Continue reading

Evolution, sin and death

The grand paradigm conventional “men of science” call “evolution” promotes sin and death. In fact, evolution allows no room for the concept “sin” as the Bible describes it. Worse than that: it turns sin on its head. The only real sin, to an evolutionist, lies in preventing the deaths of the “unfit.” For only by such deaths, according to evolution, can the human race improve. Continue reading