Bill Nye-Ken Ham debate: Chairman

Much has been written about the Bill Nye-Ken Ham debate. Now it’s time for the Creation Science Hall of Fame to give its official evaluation of last Tuesday’s debate. (Feb 4, 2014)

If you read evolutionists’ evaluations, Bill Nye would have won the debate. If you read creationists’ evaluations of the debate you would have thought that Ken Ham won the debate. However, some creationists’ evaluations were tougher on Ham than Nye. Let me explain:

Why didn’t Ken Ham use science against Bill Nye?

Ken Ham, Bill Nye's opponent

Ken Ham. Furnished by the subject.

Most creationists felt that Ken should have used his science to deflect Nye, but instead, he used mostly scripture. These creationists forget that Ken was going up against a Hollywood figure who knew how to play an audience. Bill Nye is accustomed to playing to an audience as opposed to Ken Ham who is honest, objective, and non-entertaining in his approach. However, that night, he relied more on scripture than science. He didn’t address those silly so-called scientific assertions of Nye’s. Not only didn’t Ken have the time due to the structure of the debate itself, but I believe that Ken was nervous and felt that he couldn’t leave his script no matter what Nye proclaimed. I think that Ken felt he couldn’t leave his Biblical script because he didn’t trust himself due to his nerves. After all, 2.5 million people were watching this debate and the news media was promoting it all week long, no wonder Ken didn’t leave his script.

I have seen Ken in action and I can tell you that he really is a master speaker who can get his points across when he trusts himself with the Lord. Bill Nye on the other hand, has been on TV most of his career and it was no different that night of the debate. Out of nerves, Ken didn’t trust himself. Personally, I believe he did a good job under the circumstances.

Ken Ham has contributed greatly to creation science

The creation community owes a lot to Ken Ham. We wouldn’t even know there was such thing as creation science if it wasn’t for men like Ken Ham, John Mackay, Carl Wieland, Duane Gish, John Whitcomb and Henry Morris. Ken turned this entire country upside down in their thinking and now Ken is a promoter of a great creation science organization with a future full of huge ambitions like the Ark Encounter. We creationists, including the Creation Science Hall of Fame, owe much to Ken Ham.


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