Legal offensive: creation v. evolution

This past summer I attended the Pittsburgh International Creation Conference. Many were viewing Creation from the scientific view, others the theological view, but I was looking at Creation vs Evolution from the legal perspective.  Currently Creation legally cannot be taught in science class as it is religious in nature.

I am happy to announce that as of September 2013 COPE vs Kansas Board of Education (B.O.E.) is legally taking Evolution to task as likewise being a Creatorless, Atheist religious teaching of origins.

I have interviewed COPE’s (Citizens for Objective Public Education) attorney, president, and two participants. I have a newspaper clipping of the case and also  confirmed it as  Civil Action No. 13-4119 in the Kansas District  Federal Courts. Also the  NCSE (National Center for Science {Evolution} Education) website is following the case.  COPE  has a team of five attorneys and a host of Kansas children (plaintiffs). This effort will require Creationists of all brands to band together. COPE conjoins Evolution with Atheist religion via the legal mechanism of material naturalism (as codified in Kitzmiller vs Dover).   COPE representatives  prefer to view this case as simply requesting, demanding objective teaching of science to the current level of understanding and the admission that Evolution establishes an Atheist religious view of life.

The gavel, a quintessential legal symbol

A judge’s gavel. Source: Brian Turner, CC BY 2.0 Generic License

Recent victories for Creation include the Louisiana Science Act of 2008 supporting objective origins teaching. In Cobb County vs Selman 2002, Creationists won at the Federal appeals level but settled for lack of legal pro-bono support (which COPE has).

In Kitzmiller vs Dover one of Creationist’s biggest problems was our science expert witnesses. The 8 evolution experts showed up in full force, such as Dr. Ken Miller of the Miller &  Levine biology book, and Dr. Kevin Padian  with his awe inspiring science fiction display of the evolution of dinosaurs to birds. Of our 8 experts, 3 bailed at the start of the trial and 2 more slinked away mid-trial before testifying. In effect only one well-versed expert, Dr. Michael Behe, was left to defend all of us.

COPE’s  Attorney John Calvert, has a decade of experience or better in Creation vs Evolution. He has  even debated atheist Eugenie Scott (retired President of NCSE responsible for the Common Core Next Generation Science Standards).

For Creation vs Evolution this is undoubtedly the biggest case of the century. Cope vs Kansas B.O.E.  will be the last and final lawsuit for Creationism and put the last nail in the coffin for public schools or it will be a new beginning, new science reformation in our country and ripple out across the world!!

My goal is for you to:

  1. Be Informed of COPE vs Kansas BOE
  2. Join COPE at  … read their legal case, it is a powerhouse!
  3. Be a science expert witness or at least attend the trial as a resource person so that we will not fail as occurred in Kitzmiller vs Dover, for lack of Creation science experts.
  4. Spread the word to networks of Creationists!  All Creation scientists across our nation should know of this case and support it. Ultimately many other nations read American science textbooks … the ripple of this case will be far-reaching, even to Australia.
  5. Search  particularly for creation science experts for:
    • Ph.D. Astrophysicist … to testify of the fine tuning of the universe.
    • Ph.D.  Chemist … to testify of the impossibility of chemical abiogenesis.
    • Ph.D. Child Psychologist … to testify what you teach small children in school is what they believe (NXGEN starts the teaching in at least the second grade).  Attorney Calvert notes that in  the “Framework” used for the science standards that children start out school intuitively knowing that people were made by God;  the standards strategize  how to instill the counterintuitive belief in Creatorless Evolution for 13 years.

My greatest appreciation for your time and attention.  Special thanks goes out to Creation scientists who I have met and learned so much from.  I only wish more people could come to know and enjoy the truth of Creation/Creator in their everyday lives.

Cheers & talk to you soon,

Dr. James Connor


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