Montana Coffee & the Earth’s Core

This is going to be an addition to the article I wrote back in June of 2013 titled ‘Genesis 1 in the Hebrew Text (Part 3)’ ( And you might want to go back and read that one before you read this one.) Now we are going to focus in on what the Hebrew Text says about the formation of the Earth’s core.

[A bit of explanation is required here before I start this one: My husband is not Messianic, but he is a Believer and comes from many generations of those who have put their trust in Messiah. It makes for an interesting weekend, because his Day of Rest is on Sunday. And because of this I’m involved in two entirely different congregations, and I love them both dearly!!]

Montana Coffee

Most Tuesday mornings during the cooler months I lead a Women’s Bible Study. I say ‘lead’ because most of these gals are older than I. All I really need to do is start the conversation and then shut-up and listen as the years of accumulated wisdom flow back and forth across the table! And flow it does, and sometimes in ways you’d never expect. One morning a few years ago, one of the oldest members nabbed a large empty juice bottle and began filling it with the leftover coffee from Sunday’s coffee urn. She wasn’t about to waste that good coffee! She was going to take it home and drink it!! Prior to this I would have never dreamed of doing such a thing. I was always under the impression that coffee had to be fresh, and if it wasn’t, it should be poured out! The other day it happened again, only this time it was the Pastor’s wife setting aside the overabundance of Sunday’s coffee for the Tuesday morning Bible Study, and she’s younger than I, but she’s also been well trained by these old Montana gals!! You can’t argue with them, you’ve just got to co-operate!!

To add to this my husband’s doctor sent out a memorandum saying that nothing should be cooked or heated up in plastic because the atoms break down and get into the food. Sooo… I began making coffee in a stainless steel coffee pot over the stove the old-fashioned way.

A percolator illustrates the formation of the earth's coreIt takes a while to perk coffee! You can’t be in a hurry or you might end up burning it. And it’s a little dangerous to do first thing in the morning when you aren’t quite awake, so I have learned to make it in advance and store it in air pots. It keeps pretty good for a couple days, as long as a Montana earwig (one of those skinny brown bugs with pincers) doesn’t decide to relocate in the spout and contribute to the flavor! (You’ve got to watch out for those babies. For some reason they like coffee! If they end up floating around in your husband’s coffee cup at five o’clock in the morning, they might latch on to his whiskers and that would not be good!!)

Let’s see… where was I? Some air pots keep coffee hot longer than others, but none longer than a whole day, so we use the microwave to reheat the coffee (but not in plastic containers).

Coffee in microwave, also to illustrate the earth's coreAn interesting phenomenon occurs as the coffee heats up. All the vibrating from the micro waves causes the coffee grounds to sink to the bottom, instead of being suspended in the coffee. To separate them, all I have to do is slowly pour the coffee back into the air pot or cup and stop before the grounds reach the spout.

The formation of the Earth’s core

And what has this got to do with the formation of the core of the Earth? The same sort of thing happened. But let me ‘back-track’ a bit. When one looks at Genesis 1 in the KJV you get the idea that the core of the Earth already existed and the Spirit was hovering over the Earth’s ocean, but that’s not what the Hebrew Text is describing at all. The Hebrew Text describes the Spirit of God completely encasing a mass of water that’s ‘pregnant’ with the whole Universe. On Day 1 there was nothing that existed about the Earth. It was completely formless and therefore it didn’t contain anything because it didn’t exist. [That is also the meaning of the English word ‘void’ that is used in verse 2. It does not mean something that has been canceled!] On Day 1 the Earth had a future location somewhere in the center of the mass of water, just like a future building at a construction site. But even at the end of Day 2, it still didn’t exist!

Finally, when we get to Day 3, the Hebrew Text describes the formation of the core of the Earth. It’s found in Genesis 1:9:

Genesis 1:9 describes the land, including the coreSo what’s going on here? He has just previously stretched out Outer Space when He separated the waters ‘above’ from the waters ‘below’, and now the Hebrew Text focuses in on ‘the 2-waters below’ which He is about to form into the Earth. (And instead of flying outwards with the rest of the water, there’s enough gravity to hold them back and keep them in place. This would be because according to the Hebrew Text the location of the Earth’s waters would be at the center of the spin of the mass of water described on Day 1.)

The way I have come to visualize these ‘2-waters below’ is one ‘ring’ of water encircling another body of water, both independent of each other, with separate boundaries, and both spinning in the same direction. Both bodies of water are still charged up from the Spirit of God ‘hovering/vibrating’ over the whole mass of water on Day 1, and they are now on their third 24 hour spin. The inner body of water would have been far greater.

[Presently the Earth’s radius is about 3960 miles (depending on the location). The pre-Flood radius of the Earth would have been greater. Currently the Earth’s ‘layers of atmosphere’ is about 36 miles in depth. The granite crust before the Flood is estimated to be about 10 miles from top to bottom.]

It seems to me that whatever elements were developed at the vibrations of The Spirit, would now be spinning out according to weight and buoyancy (their specific gravities). In both bodies, the water would be rising to the surface and the solids would be moving towards the center of gravity.

Next, the 2-waters are commanded to bind/twist together in order to ‘stand erect’ in one place. The gravity from the inner body would have pulled them together. Then you would have 4 separate divisions to the Earth’s core: Starting from the middle, there would be a division of ‘multiple layers of assorted solids’, then a division/layer of water, then another division of ‘multiple layers of assorted solids’ and then another division/layer of water. [The layers of solids would have been pure and uncomplicated, and would have remained that way until centuries later when the Flood messed everything up.] And that’s how and when the core of the Earth was formed. The top division/layer of water would have also had assorted layers of atmosphere above it, similar to the way the coffee in the microwave has moisture above it.

Let the dry land appear

Afterwards, during that same 24 hour period on Day 3 He said “and let the dry land appear” (and you can go back to my former article mentioned above, for more details on that one). As the pre-Flood mountains formed, the layers of assorted strata would have then tilted, and some would have slid into the pre-Flood seas. [Dr. Walt Brown talks about how the dry land rose up, forming both mountains and pillars of the Earth and Dr. Andrew Snelling talks about how there are layers upon layers of assorted material without fossils below the Flood layers in his article titled ‘Thirty Miles of Dirt in a Day.’ Put their research together and you will get the picture. Just keep in mind that according to the Hebrew Text this all happened on the 3rd day, and there would be no basalt or magma of any sort among the layers on the Third Day of Creation. The magma came later during the Flood when the Mid-Ocean Ridge rose up and the land slid away from it.] 2 Peter 3:5 (Complete Jewish Bible) says ‘and there was land which arose out of water and existed between the waters’.

Also keep in mind that on Day 5 there were animals living in both bodies of water according to verse 22 in the Hebrew Text. For more information on that one see the following link


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