Fountains of The Great Deep

Several years ago we put together a Noah’s Flood VBS.  We turned the basement of the church into the inside of Noah’s Ark by covering the windows with black garbage bags (to block out  the light) and filled the room with various and assorted pieces of ‘luggage’ and crates of animals in cardboard box cages with pinched duct tape for bars. Both kids and adults brought their toy animals to be part of the props.

When we didn’t have certain animals, we taped pictures of them in the back of the ‘cage’ boxes, so that they looked like they were inside. I had a dino prop of a Behemoth painted on a sheet with an attached tail. We painted another head behind it to make it into a pair. I don’t remember how we Behemoth, a truly 'deep' sounding creature‘caged’ that one! The VBS project was totally ‘homespun’ but the whole church seemed to enjoy making and supplying the props. One of the other things we did in preparation, was to measure out on the church grounds the length, width, and height of the Ark according to the scriptures, so that during the VBS we could do it with the kids. Different ones took on different aspects of the preparations. A friend and I took several old bed Simulated animal cages in the Ark of Noah as it braved the great deepsheets and using spray paint, we painted the Fountains of the Great Deep bursting open. Then we hung the sheets along one side of the church wall upstairs. After that we taped wadded-up paper bags on the sheets to look like the rocks that would have come up in the Fountains. How much the kids learned, remains to be seen, but the adults who made the preparations learned a lot!

VBS interpretation of Fountains of the Great DeepThe real Fountains of the Great Deep would have created terror beyond imagination!  Not only would the water have been a deafening wall clear across the horizon, and as high as the eye could see, but there would have also been a flood of water containing tumbling rocks and debris coming at you!  There was no way to escape! If you happened to be far away from those walls,  the violent rain coming down upon your head would also have been full of mud and even rocks. In some locations  the rain turned into muddy ice hail, burying everything in it’s path.

Among Creationist literature there are various illustrations of the Foundations of The Great Deep bursting open. Those who are in the Catastrophic Plate Tectonics camp illustrate it with pictures of the ground cracking open with volcanic eruptions and steam. Those in the Hydroplate Camp generally use the following  illustration:

Walt Brown's concept of Fountains of the Great DeepAt the time that we put together the VBS, I was aware  of there being different opinions, but  not of the intensity of them. Then I began learning Hebrew, and because of my teacher’s love of Creation Science, he convinced me to translate Genesis chapters 1 to 11 in order to see what the Hebrew Text says concerning  Creation Science research. After I had barely begun that project, I attended a Creation Science Convention in a city some distance away from where I live. During the convention I went down to the book room and was surprised to see nothing about the Hydroplate Theory on the book tables, so I asked those in charge about it. They said that they didn’t know the answer, and that they didn’t know anything about the Hydroplate Theory. Then somehow the conversation went to ‘the Fountains of The Great Deep’. They said that their resident Hebrew scholar thought it could translate as ‘fountains of fire’. I wasn’t convinced, and so that led to more intense research on my part into the Hebrew Text, and the following  is what I have come up with so far:

'The fountains of the great deep were broken open.'

Defining the word ‘Deep’.

Scripture explains scripture. Genesis 1 lays out the ground work for the Flood chapters (Genesis 6-9).
In Genesis 1 the word ‘Deep’ refers to a massive ‘ball’ of water  that the Spirit of God is encasing  from all sides that He’s about to form into the whole Universe. Therefore, the word ‘Deep’ in the Flood chapters is also water. The reason why it is referred to as the ‘Great’ Deep in Genesis 7:11 is so that it can be distinguished from the other body of water.

2 Bodies of Water with Land Between Them

In both Genesis 1:7-10 and the Flood chapters, the Hebrew Text says that the pre-Flood Earth had 2 bodies of water.

{see also CSHOF Creation News Archives for June 2013 }
Genesis 7:17-20 more evidence for what the 'deep' was
To add to this 2 Peter 3:5 in the Complete Jewish Bible says “long ago there were heavens, and there was land which arose out of water and existed between the waters”.
2 Peter 3:5 in the KJV says “the earth standing out of the waters and in the waters”.
Interestingly the NASB says “the earth was formed out of water and by water, (v6) through which the world at that time was destroyed, being  flooded with water’.
Which one is right? All of the above!

Psalm 136:6 says in the Hebrew  “to Him  who stretches the earth(land) ‘upon’ the waters”. ‘Upon’ means to rest upon the surface of something. In this case it would mean ‘above’ the waters. That means that there was a vast amount of waters below the land before the Flood.

Some are going to say, “How do you know that the word means ‘2-waters’?  Well, in Hebrew there is a thing  that’s called a ‘dual plural’.  If the word ends in a mim (which makes the word a plural)  then if the 3rd letter from the end of the word has a little dash under it (which is called a ‘patah’) then the plural is of the value of 2. In other words it means that there are two of what ever the word is. In the above Hebrew notice the difference between the word for waters in verse 20 with the word for waters in verse 19. In verse 18 both are used. There’s also duel plurals in 17 and 11. (And don’t forget that Hebrew reads the opposite of English!)

How much water was below the land?

According to the Hebrew Text, the volume of water below the land was greater than the total volume of water in the shallow pre-Flood lakes and seas. That’s why the water below the land is called the ‘Great’ Deep in the Flood chapters. The word ‘great’ is ‘rabah’ in Hebrew and it also has to do with rank, as in ‘chief’. Apparently  it was the biggest body of water on earth. The Hebrew word for ‘Deep’ is ‘t’hom’ and it also means something that is in a constant state of perpetual motion, therefore it couldn’t have been locked up in rock molecules. It had to have been an entity all by itself.

The Land  was one piece

>In Genesis 1:9 it says in the Hebrew that the land was one piece, and not pieces. The word for ‘dry land’ is singular. That right there eliminates the theory of Catastrophic  Plate Tectonics.  There weren’t plates, or continents of lands before the Flood. There was only one sheet of land, and it separated the two bodies of water; therefore the lower body of water, known as the Great Deep, would have been completely encased by it, as is described in the Complete Jewish Bible’s version of 2 Peter 3:5.
Genesis 1:9 precludes 'deep' meaning fire

Not the Earth’s atmosphere

The upper body of water consisted of shallow seas and lakes nested in the sheet of land. The upper body of water according to the Hebrew Text was not the earth’s atmosphere, because the scriptures say that there were aquatic animals living in both places. Genesis 1:20 in the Hebrew  reads “teams/swarms the two waters [with] aquatic animals [living animals that breathed!]. What’s also interesting about this is that it has only been in our lifetime that the animals living in the deepest part of the ocean have begun to be discovered and investigated. Those same animals would have lived in the Great Deep prior to the Flood.

The land had lots of legs to stand on!

Those legs would have been in the form of pillars  resting on the floor of the body of  water underneath the land. The KJV  version of 2 Peter 3:5 says that the earth [land] was standing in the waters. 1 Samuel 2:8 says that the land stands on pillars. The Complete Jewish Bible says “For the earth’s pillars belong to ADONAI; on them He has placed the world.” In Hebrew the word for earth also means ‘land’ and ‘world’ means ‘the inhabited part of the earth’.  Walter T. Brown, Jr., Ph.D.  has done some amazing  research concerning those pillars, which can be viewed at the following link


When Moses penned Genesis the Israelites understood the Fountains of the Great Deep to be fountains of water coming up from the body of water that the land was standing on, and two thousand years ago, they were still convinced of that!  To say that they were ‘fountains of fire’ is to depart from the truth of God’s word. You don’t want to do that.

Diagram of the breakout of the Fountains of the Great Deep[subscribe2]

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