Bill Nye, Ken Ham debate – sellout!

The great debate between Bill Nye (“The Science Guy”) and Ken Ham, head of Answers in Genesis, will play literally to a sellout crowd.

Tickets go fast

Mark Looy, public relations officer at the Creation Museum, confirmed the sellout this morning.

We sold nearly eight hundred tickets. We also reserved another hundred tickets for special friends of the ministry, including Ken’s family and friends.

Bill Nye might be fighting numbers like these.

Adherence to three creation/evolution positions over time. Source: Gallup.

That also includes press passes. Mr. Looy said as of close-of-business yesterday, twenty reporters had signed up to attend.

Those tickets sold for $25.00 each. How fast the tickets sold out is a subject of minor dispute. Station KPTV (Channel 19), the Fox affiliate in Petersburg, Ky., said the tickets sold out in less than two minutes. But Station WDRB-TV (Channel 41) in Louisville reported the ticket sold in twenty minutes. (The AP said the tickets sold out “in minutes.”)

However long it took, public ticket sales are now closed.

If you want to watch

The Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate has national attention beyond the rapid ticket sales. Looy hinted the Creation Museum is negotiating with several television outlets for permission to carry the event live. They include one major secular network, which Looy declined to identify.

The Museum is selling subscriptions to a live Internet video stream, a video download, and a DVD.

Bill Nye will not pull out

Looy dropped no hint that Bill Nye was even thinking of pulling out of the event. Benjamin Radford, contributor to The Discovery Channel, urged him, indirectly, to do that. Looy promised a major rebuttal to the Radford article would appear today on the AiG website spill casino.

“This is a national story, and I’ve had inquiries from everywhere,” Looy said.

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