Bill Nye, Ken Ham to debate creation

Most people know Bill Nye as “The Science Guy,” from his children’s science show that ran from 1993 to 1998. Today, Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, said he would debate Bill Nye on creation v. evolution. That debate will take place February 4, 2014, at The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Bill Nye, avowed evolutionist

Bill Nye has always upheld the three pillars of evolution: uniformitarianism, abiogenesis, and common descent. He routinely criticizes, often scathingly, anyone who challenges these notions. Last year he produced a video asserting that creationism was “not appropriate for children.” That video saw almost six million separate viewings or “hits.”

Ken Ham answered “Bill Nye, the Humanist Guy.” Then he challenged Bill Nye to a debate.

Members of the YouTube community left comments so savage that Answers in Genesis blocked further comment. But Ken Ham answered his critics in another video.

More recently, according to the Associated Press, Bill Nye accepted Ken Ham’s challenge.

In an interview today, Ken Ham faced head-on Bill Nye’s notion that creationism is bad for children:

That whole creation-evolution issue we see as a very, very important issue particularly in regard to influencing children – what they believe about who they are, where they came from. I mean, if they are taught that they’re just animals, that has a great bearing on how they view themselves and how they view morality.

If you go

The Creation Museum will host the debate on February 4, from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. CST, at Legacy Hall, Creation Museum, 2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd., Petersburg, Ky. Tickets sell for $25.00 U.S., except Creation Museum members can call for a discount. The nearest airport is, of course, the Cincinnati Airport. (That airport is on the Kentucky side of the border. The lay of the land did not let anyone build an airport on the Ohio side.)

Critics of Bill Nye

Does Bill Nye hold to this?

Today, man decides truth whatever. From the AiG Creation Museum

Bill Nye has his own critics. They take issue with far more than his savagery, and that of his followers, in attacking the creation story. Gary DeMar, at Godfather Politics, suggested the debate asks the wrong question.

That question reads:

Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific world?

DeMar suggests Ken Ham should ask instead:

Is Abiogenesis a Viable Model of Origins in any World?

DeMar has a point. Life must have an origin before it can “evolve.” Of course, abiogenesis is only one of the three pillars of evolution. The other two are:

  • Uniformitarianism: all processes we see today, have always run at the same rate as long as the earth has existed.
  • Common descent: all life descends from one ancestral cell that somehow assembled itself.

Most modern evolutionists today speak of common descent and ignore abiogenesis. That might be because few evolutionists still believe they can produce a Miller-Urey-style abiogenetic “soup” in their lifetimes.

For the other points Ken Ham will likely use against Bill Nye, one need only visit the Creation Museum itself. Every exhibit testifies to one central point Ken Ham and his followers have always made. We all see the same evidence, says Ham. But we interpret it differently. And the creationist interpretation is more consistent with what we see than the evolutionistic.

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