Christ – Lord of time and all creation

Images of the Christ child lying in a manger warm our hearts and comfort our souls during this very special time of the year. The songs we sing remind us of angels and shining bright stars adorning the humble surroundings of that very first Christmas over 2000 years ago. And at Easter we think of the suffering Christ and the price He paid for our salvation. Continue reading

Sinkholes: another effect of the Flood?

Sinkholes seem to be a growing trend nationwide and worldwide. The last 24 hours has seen reports of two fresh sinkholes. One, latest in a series, opened in Palmyra, Pa., late on December 18. In Jersey City, N.J., another opened that same afternoon after a water-main break. Continue reading

Are Christians being attacked?

Nick Lally asks: are Christians being attacked?Are Christians being attacked? Definitely, yes, especially just before Christmas attacks have become prevalent. Ken Ham (AIG) and Gary Bates (CMI) made excellent cases for the relatively new phenomena. There are hundreds of missionaries around the world reporting abuses and attacks against Christians and America is not immune to it. Bill O’Reilly made an excellent observation upon pointing out that “Christian Attacks” are on the rise, especially around Christmas. Between the American Civil Liberties Union, the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the American Humanistic Association, the attacks on Christmas has expanded greatly. Jerry Bergman also made excellent observations by pointing out that “academia” attacks Christians all the time. Just read his book, “Slaughter of the Dissidents” and read the numerous attacks on Creationist professors. Continue reading