Genesis 2 in Hebrew Text (part 3)

Genesis 2 is not an old b?bb?-m?ze! (Genesis 2: 21-25)

Bubbe-meises are ‘old wives tales’. I came to know the LORD when I was 12. We had just moved up to Papua New Guinea from Australia because my Dad was hired by the Australian Government to be a high school agriculture science teacher in a place called Goroka, in the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea. A fellow class mate at the elementary school invited me to Sunday School and there I became a Believer. Later, when I was in the 8th grade, I was sent back down to Australia to boarding school, where I spent the next 4 years. The boarding school was run by a certain Christian denomination which had bought into the theory of evolution and subsequently thrown out the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Then in turn, because they had thrown out Genesis, Christ in their minds became a humanitarian with a social gospel. We would hear sermons about UNICEF and recycling, and various social issues, but very little about the Bible and Jesus dying on the cross for man’s sin. During my last year there I asked my Ancient History teacher (who was also a deacon in that church & the school Chaplin) “What about Adam and Eve?” His response was that the story of Adam & Eve was basically just ‘an old wives tale’ that was used to explain how things began, that we didn’t need anymore. I was cut to the heart! I didn’t want to believe what he said, and at that time I didn’t have anybody else I could turn to, so I stuff it away for a time. (My parents are evolutionists.) Continue reading

Genesis 2 in Hebrew text (part 2)

About mist and cultivating fields (Genesis 2:4-6ff)

Genesis 2:4 “turns up the focus in the microscope” to a higher intensity and zooms in on a specific portion of the “previous paragraph” (Genesis 1:1 -2:3). Genesis 2:4 is “the statement” and the verses that follow are “hooked on” to that statement with the Hebrew letter “vav” (“and”). Keep in mind that in Hebrew the noun comes first, then the adjectives that describe the noun. So as you read each sentence think “subject first” and then “description of subject.” Continue reading

Genesis 2 in Hebrew text (Part 1)

About those rivers (Genesis 2:10-14)

I originally wrote this article for the Northwest Science Museum, and I’m updating it here for the CSHOF because we are all in this battle together. And you may be wondering what sort of museum is that & what do you mean by “The Northwest”? because if you live in New Jersey, or Indiana, or even California, or New Mexico, or Australia… you may have no idea as to what I am talking about, so let me explain: The Northwest is a group of 4 states, 3 of which are also on the Canadian border. They are the State of Washington (where Mt Saint Helens blew up) and Oregon, both also border the Western Pacific Ocean, and then inland from them is Idaho, and on the other side of Idaho is Montana, where I live. We have some great geological places in Montana! Both Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks are here, and…. the ancient lake bed, which are the remains of “Lake Missoula” that formed the Columbia Gorge, which is the “Northwest Grand Canyon.” The Columbia Gorge goes all the way to the Pacific Ocean and is the border between Oregon and Washington. The Northwest has many other interesting geological features besides these. So what is the Northwest Science Museum? Well… right now we have the contents for the Museum but no building and we are trying to find a spot near Boise, Idaho to set up a permanent location. If the LORD allows us to “set up shop” we will then expound on the marvelous geological features all around us, and how they relate to Creation Science and our amazing Creator. (You can look up the Northwest Science Museum at but the original article for this is on my own website under ‘Brain Pickers’ at

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Global flood astronomical date range

Dr. Walt Brown, nearly three months ago, announced an astronomical fix for the Global Flood. When he did that, he provoked the precise sort of debate scientists ought to have. Brown, with his customary boldness, challenged anyone who doubted him: “Check my math!” Dr. Matthew Jachimstahl, a skeptic (both of the Hydroplate Theory and of the Bible), accepted Brown’s challenge. Brown recently released the full results of that challenge. Continue reading